snatching to sharing

Snatching to Sharing

August 9, 2011, 0 Comments

This marks the first of our many topics on “Sibling Rivalry”. Well actually, I rather “Keep the Sibling, lose the Rivalry”, to borrow these words from Ps Tedd Tripp. With late marriages, comes late pregnancies and couples who give birth to siblings who are altogether too close in their age gap. Great play-mates but also lots of competition. If the natural flow of things are often good, we need not interfere with nature. But they seldom are. We often wonder why young kids or rather we, as parents can’t get them to function pass the level of ‘me-first’ mentality. Is it alright…

strong willed

A Strong-willed Child

August 5, 2010, 0 Comments

James Dobson’s book, like many of his books, it is written in Q&A fashion. There are however several chapters which are dedicated to his ideas and what he believed and I thought those are commendable reads, mainly because I respected him for his professionalism, his heart for families and his conviction on the word of God. In one of his chapters in his book, entitled, The New Strong-willed Child, he cited some literature which dispenses “misguided advice on child rearing…” One example was that of John Holt. I quote, ” John Caldwell Holt wrote a terrible text in 1974 entitled…