Teachable Moment : What Last Forever

November 23, 2010, 0 Comments

We had 2 helium balloons at home given by friends who visited Elias when he was hospitalised recently. I was surprised balloons brought so much cheer to the little ones, even I was cheered up. Few days later, the balloons seemed to have lost its brilliance. They were sitting lower and seems softer. KB asked “Mummy, why is the balloon like that?” Mummy: “The gas escaped from the balloon because there are tiny holes on the skin of the balloon. So there will be a time, when the balloon becomes all soft and we can’t play it anymore ok.” KB:…

strong willed

A Strong-willed Child

August 5, 2010, 0 Comments

James Dobson’s book, like many of his books, it is written in Q&A fashion. There are however several chapters which are dedicated to his ideas and what he believed and I thought those are commendable reads, mainly because I respected him for his professionalism, his heart for families and his conviction on the word of God. In one of his chapters in his book, entitled, The New Strong-willed Child, he cited some literature which dispenses “misguided advice on child rearing…” One example was that of John Holt. I quote, ” John Caldwell Holt wrote a terrible text in 1974 entitled…

kids worship

Childrens Worship

August 2, 2010, 0 Comments

Kids are natural worshippers. Dazzle our children with things of God. (I first hear of that expression from Pastor Tedd Tripp.) I have been seeking God to build children up to adore him. Worship is what completes men. It is what men are made for. Whether we worship God or something else. We are all worshippers, and honestly, I rather worship the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords – Jesus Christ. The Alpha and the Omega. There are all sorts of worship on the shelves today. The best ones are those that are scriptural, catchy and fun. I had…

theo water

Potty Training

March 20, 2009, 0 Comments

Yipee!! Theo is officially potty trained! I started having harrowing thoughts of potty training him when he turned two. Books that I read talks about potty training boys between 2yrs and 3yrs, mainly because most of them should be ready by then. Many well-meaning friends tell me that since Theo speaks early (he was conversing when he was 20months old), I should potty train him since “pee pee” or “xu xu” was an easy word for him to say. But that is by no means what the term ‘readiness’ means. Some books advocate that if we observe a dry diaper…