baby sleep

First Time Parents

May 27, 2007, 0 Comments

What I discovered being  first time parents! Obsessions 1. Creeping around in our own house like thieves when baby wouldn’t even stir with the loudest music! 2. Executing a big killing for every insect that exist in the house. 3. Double, triple washing and checking everything that belongs to the baby. 4. Waking & peeping at the baby every moment he makes a tiny sound.   Surprises 1. Getting to witness the sleepy moon and the first ray of sun everyday! 2. Shower of blessings strikes any moment with diaper change. Reflections 1. Babies don’t cry for no reason, sometimes…

Making of an Angel

September 21, 2005, 0 Comments

The Sweet Tide of Life The Tide As suddenly as the tide rushes in, it also ebbs the minute it had carried all that we hoped ashore, it took everything out to sea again Shocked, unbelief, questions reeled together in a pressing hope for another miracle We call the name of Jesus, the name of hope As tiny as it was The fluttering of a little 6-wks heartbeat we last saw A sprit formed, a precious being created A little darling barely 2 wks craved of our attention Our senses she already gripped Nevertheless, God had meant for us to…