About Me

I am at the peak of my career. I get paid in kinds. I don’t wear power suits. Guess what I do?

Well, I am a home-schooling mum to two boys, aged four and six.  One of them loves music, the other simply loves to laugh and I had a grand time just learning from them.

Welcome! In a society where pursuits of comfort, academic performance and career takes precedence over family life, I hope that right here under the shelter of the big and leafy Oak Tree, we could chat more about CHARACTER excellence, MARRIAGE and FAMILY. Let’s begin where we are, make every home sweet.

Join me on the journey as we learn about ourselves and others through our children. My husband and I enjoys travelling, reading, dating (yeah we do!) and spending heaps of time just playing with our children. We are one of the volunteer facilitators for Parenting Toddlers Workshops with this wonderful organisation, Growing Families International, based in U.S, adapted to local context.

Let’s exchange stories to continue to inspire and lift in this extreme sport of juggling parenting, marriage and life! See how mission impossibles become possibilities when we see how others do it, especially in tough times.  If you like to hear my stories, or have a story you think will spur others, Connect with me at  Oak Tree Baby/Facebook

About Oak Tree Baby

The name Oak Tree Baby stems from a single idea – Oak. Oak is a commonly known symbol of strength. Oak Tree Baby is about parenting kids so they bear strength as oak of righteousness (courage, resilience, justice, integrity, equity, compassion, kindness, patience etc.)

If you are a fellow parent, I’d love to connect with you!  And hey, before I forget, feel free to browse our family-friendly store too! At Oak Tree Baby we can chat & shop.

Mum, wife, daughter, friend

Oak Tree Baby
“Because in every acorn, there is an Oak Tree…”

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