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June 1, 2017, 0 Comments

This year, we have a new addition.  Our little girl, aged 2 will be joining the run with daddy and all her brothers for the very first time.  The venue this year is at Sentosa, Palawan Green.

As with all runs, the boys are always eager to train for it with daddy. They run together on weekends and on some weekdays. We have been running with Cold Storage Kids run for 5 consecutive years now. Theo our oldest boy had come to love this sport because of this run and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be running in this awesome child-friendly race year after year.

This year we woke up early as usual. Little sister was a little grouchy for having been woken from her sleep , but gamely donned her over-sized t-shirt and was ready to do whatever her brothers are going to do. Except, she does not know yet, that she will be running.  We do not go to Sentosa very often so the boys were looking forward to exploring the island a little after the race is done. We were there early and the boys left us to join their group. They are well familiar with the This year, both the brothers are with the same batch of runners for aged 9 – 10 year olds doing 1.6km run.

Daddy ran with the little girl, but I think she was still grouchy from being up so early, and ended up having to be carried by daddy almost all the way. Perhaps, she was also not expecting so many people running around her all at once. Certainly not easy for a 2 year old. but she got rewarded with ice-cream later courtesy of Cold Storage and we had a fabulous time having ice-cream watching the sun rise. Next year, we will be bringing a mat, pillows, picnic basket and the works!

The route was good according to my boys. The fininshing line however was in a awkward place, in that there was little standing area for the crowd to be there to welcome our kids, much less take decent photographs. I would love to be able to cheer my children as they touch the finishing line and probably snap a few photos.

Weather was great and we adjourned to have brunch right after that race before we head back to check the results. Theo came in 18th for his 1.6km run! Up from last year’s position of 66th place. He was so excited to see his name  in the top 20 runner chart on the notice board. Elias finished his race with an improved timing as well, and doing his best in the run was all we asked for.

As usual, we had loads of fun bonding. The boys can’t wait for the race again next year, in keeping with this family tradition with Cold Storage Kids Run! It is an event we won’t want to miss. See you again next year Cold Storage Kids Run 2018!

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