Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 – Running in the wind

May 25, 2016, 0 Comments

It was raining heavily the night before, so the morning was chilly. We were up earlier than usual, probably about 5am. The boys had prepared their jersey the night before were all very excited and nervous about the run. The eldest boy, now 9 is doing his first 1.6km run. We trained lesser this year, and practice sessions were often difficult because of the distance that he has to take. He ran about once a week, so he knew the drill.  But he was nervous about not being able to finish the run.  We advised him to start slow and jog all the way, and if he has energy he could sprint halfway or at the end.  All we advise him, was to finish the race, and obey his body.

















We reached The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay bright and early, and the sky was still dark from the overcast. The weather was wet, and we were thankful it was not a heavy downpour.  Lots of umbrellas were seen all over the place and the organiser took awhile to let the first group of Apple Sprint for 9-10 year old boys into the tentage. We were one of the earliest to arrive at about 6am.

The skyline was beautiful and the rain has receded into a drizzle. Better rain than sweltering heat. At least it is cool and comfortable and that helped runners who were younger and those on longer distance. I prayed that the boys will run slowly and enjoy running in the cool wind

















As usual, Milos, milk and Vitagens are given out to the crowd, easily making this one of the nicest run in town where kids are given lots of healthy beverage and food. And, just because our little girl love soft toys, we took a photo with every single furry mascot.

The atmosphere was cheery and upbeat, with all sorts of fun-filled activities to add to the festivity.

Elias was happy that a theme song from Zootopia was played!

Theo came in unexpectantly fast, I think I must have seen less than 10 boys in front of him.  He seemed happy with the run and told me it was easy and not as difficult as he thought it would be. But it was probably exhausting.

Thankfully there were lines of chairs at the pick up area and the boys were handed their well-deserved medals, a bottle of drink and a banana. It took awhile for him to regain his composure.  I remembered feeling dizzy after a long distance run in secondary school.  Once at a sprint event, my feet felt like fire when I stopped abruptly at the finishing line.  Yet, I know that with more frequent training,  our stamina can improve. A doctor who was at the medic area advised us to not eat anything right after a run. Instead, just have sips of water and sit down for abit.  He tested the boy’s pulse and said that he is doing good at 19+ beat per minute. The average pulse for children is about 20 beats per minute.

This year’s race pack was a funky bag in the shape of a soccer ball. What a refreshing change from the usual bulky oversized bag we got for the past years! Great throughts went into designing a bag for young children!

The medals this year however, were slightly amateurish. The lanyard was thinner, and held together with a flimsy thread. The eldest’s lanyard broke into two.

The results were out on the same day. Theo was a little disappointed he was 66th position out of 262 runners, and placed in the silver category. He was just few seconds from being placed in the Gold category.  But he broke his personal record doing 4 min 40 secs / km this year. Last year, he was doing 5 mins 52 secs/ km. His total race time for 1.6km , 9-10 year old boys category was 7 mins 27 secs.  The boy who came in first was doing 5 mins 29 secs at 3 mins 26 sec / km! But I’d still say he has done well for a new distance being in the younger age group for 9-10 year old boys. Great effort!

Little brother was nonchalant about getting bronze. He fell at the starting line as he was being pushed just like a year ago.  Fortunately, he picked himself up and ran on. His total race time for 800km, 7 – 8 year old boys was 4 mins 10 secs, at 5 mins 13 secs / km. He came in 83rd out of 245 runners and placed in bronze. He also did better than the previous year as well, rising from 127th position, at 5 mins 01 secs.  Woo hoo, for someone who does not like running long distance!

This year, the boys talked about the results more. I guess as children grows up, they are learning to see how efforts are beginning to affect outcome. This year the eldest workload has also become heavier. We hope that he will do his best for everything in life, and recognise that results are not everything. We always say “Attitude affects altitude”. We prefer to focus on the former.

It is interesting that results may not reveal everything about a person.  Elias is the more active and energetic of the boys, whereas Theo typically enjoys quiet activity such as reading.  The good thing about the boys, is that they both love nature and being outdoor.

Thanks to Cold Storage Kids Run, We have grown to enjoy this annual family affair. What started out as a leisure activity has become a family tradition. And why not, in the name of good heath and fitness? :) We will be back next year where both boys will be in the 1.6km run. Gasp! Will our little one be ready yet?

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