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Sleepless No More – Choosing Baby Cot Mattress and Donut Pillow

September 22, 2015, 0 Comments

We used to walk into a store and simply picked out a baby mattress that fits the size of the baby cot. That was some seven years ago. Not anymore.

How complicated can selecting a mattress be?

Most of us are familiar with baby’s mattresses that come with ventilation holes, a safety feature that is often associated with the prevention of Sudden Infant Death (SID). It is also encouraged that parents place their babies on their back to sleep. Unfortunately, this could create flat head (positional plagiocephaly), with many mentioning flat head syndrome to be only cosmetic and not a medical condition. But as parents, we are still concerned.

When our Pediatrician advised us to get a donut pillow to prevent flat head syndrome when our baby was one month old, we did a little research over the internet to find out more.  Due to the soft skull that babies have, constant pressure affects the shape of their heads. We learnt that it is possible for us to alter the environment to help babies turn a certain way, hence altering the position in which they lie. For more severe cases of flat head syndrome,  it would be best to consult a specialist and perhaps find out more about Helmet Moulding Therapy.

Like many responsible doctors who were a little wary about placing tiny babies on their tummies when they sleep, our PD mentioned that it is best to let them have frequent tummy time instead, in their wake hours.

We decided that the best thing to do is to put our baby at a spot where she could be monitored daily if we were to put her to sleep, tummy down, from 2 months onwards to help shape her head. In addition, we will need a donut pillow and a good firm mattress with ventilation holes as well as cot mattress that is made of material that does not emit chemical vapour when she breathes.

With the obvious benefits of natural latex we learnt with our recent purchase – Why we chose natural latex,  it is impossible for us to compromise on health when it comes to selecting baby mattresses. A baby spends about 12 to 15 hours of sleep per day since they are born up till toddlerhood. It is only natural for us to ensure that the baby mattress is safe, comfortable and durable for our her.

We went for Sofzsleep Donut Pillow whenever she is required to be on her back, such as in the stroller, on her baby rocker and whenever we change her nappy.

Sofzsleep’s Donut Pillow is made of 100% natural latex that allows the pillow to keep cool because of its excellent air and moisture circulation, unique only to latex pillows. It is soft yet firm. Sofzsleep recommends for babies to use donut pillows from 3 months old onwards when their neck is slightly stronger.

Like wood, there are different grades of latex. Natural top grade latex does not contain cancer causing agents like formaldehydes, pesticides, PDBEs (polybrominted diphenel ethers-chemical flame retardants) and other toxic chemicals. It is resistant to mould, fungi, dust-mite and airborne germs. Natural latex mattresses is also suitable for babies who are sensitive to allergens to sleep on.

Sofzsleep natural latex mattress feels soft, but firm and comfortable to sleep on, hence providing the much needed support that young growing children need.

To clean, we simply remove the top mattress sheet, followed by a protective soft bamboo cover that contains natural antibacterial properties. The beautiful and soft bamboo cover keeps the surface of the material cool too. Perfect for humid weather!

While we were focusing on getting cot’s mattress, we cleanly forgot about getting a quality crib! When our baby was about 5 months old, we discovered to our horror, that our beautiful white crib was invaded by wood booring beetle! There were a series of tiny holes at the base of the crib evidence by constant wood shavings on our floor below the crib. We began furiously searching for better and safer wood and subsequently ditched the old crib for a natural beech wood crib for a fraction of the cost!  Remember, what is good may not be what is most pricey!

Sofzsleep’s cot mattress comes in 8 different sizes! So no matter what size your cot is, you are definitely able to find a mattress that fits. Ours was 122 x 60, and it fits Ikea’s natural beech crib.  It comes in two sizes in terms of thickness, namely; 7.5cm and 10cm. Natural latex does not change shape or shrink and is known to be very durable for the long run. We are planning to use it until she outgrows the mattress, probably when she is 3 or 4 years old! Priced at S$259.00, I think that’s probably a good run for our money.

Sofzsleep’s amazing range of sleep products can be found at various locations in Singapore. Take your pick, but we love Mountain Teak store.

And now, for a chance for your little one to experience this beautifully designed Sofzsleep Donut Pillow worth $35.90!

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