My Spunky Princess

July 7, 2015, 0 Comments


After having my two boys for about 8 years now, it is still hard to believe we have a girl at times.  I am conservative in that I like girls to be girlie. Like they are sugar and spice and all things nice, and pink and pastels make good candy pops.

But my little girl is anything but our typical demure, quiet little baby. She flips and creeps earlier than her brothers at 3 months old,  babbles alot more at 2 months old and cries a whole decibel louder than any of my two boys. But she has the cutest, most varied expression I have ever seen in any babies. And she loves smiling at me every day, first thing in the morning.  I have been faced with her feeding and sleep challenges from 2nd months onwards. Being a highly active baby, she has also been wanting things done her way at a very very tender age.  In addition to that, I began pumping exclusively from 2 months onward. The days are long, but the years are short. Without fail, her smile has always give me strength to face another day.

Here’s my happy spunky girl! Her alert gaze and agility has kept me on my toes ever since she was born.

Like most mothers, we love dressing our little girls up. As far as fashion sense goes, I guess we mums only get to dress them up the way we want it in the first 5 years, before they begin to want to have a say in what to wear. So I began to look for pretty dresses and hairbands.

Hand Sewn with Love is a brainchild of a multi talented hairstylist who sews one-of-the-kind hairbands and pretty tutus for babies and young children. I really love the way the colors of each hairband juxtapose in a very stylish manner.  Instead of the usual lace hairbands we often see, her hairbands stand out from the crowd.  She uses very soft fabric which does not scratch little kids.

While I was just looking for a hairband, Katherine of Hand Sewn with Love suggested for my little girl to wear matching tutu and onies.

At 2.5 months, Baby Avigail is finally able to wear her customised set of onies, tutu and hairband.  We went on to wear that hairband for a couple more months and the tutu for special occasions.

Even though I am a third time mum, I often feel like a first time mum. And for the final baby we are having, I spend way too much time cooing and fussing over her.

Dressing up may last only for awhile, while character development will be for life.

As I looked on at how cute she looks, I pray that she grow into a lovely lady who will shine from within. I pray that she would grow gracefully, and not in a hurry.  I pray for grace and kindness to be always be on her lips.  I pray that she will be all who she is purposed to be, to bring our Papa God delight in being a true daughter of Christ. I pray that she has the tenacity to overcome all odds and stand for justice and speak on behalf of those oppressed. I pray that she will be a princess warrior who will stand firm for her beliefs in Christ and advance His Kingdom with love.

Mummy is so blessed to have you, my sweet pea. You have no idea how much you’re loved.

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