Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 – The Medal

June 4, 2015, 0 Comments

The boys are participating in the Cold Storage Kids Run for the third year! It ‘s the first time Elias is running in the competitive category. The boys were heard talking to each other about the race prior to the registration.

Elias did not want to join at first. He said to Kor Kor that he will not join the competitive category because he is a slow runner. Kor Kor told him, there is no fun running with the group. “C’mon be brave Elias, join the competitive run!” After thinking about two days, Elias decided to join the competitive category. I thought that was so cute that he took time to think about it.

This year, we haven’t had time to train for the run with our latest addition. In between baby’s feed and sleep, the best I could do was to bring them to the pedestrian walkway to train them to sprint.

The boys took part a sports clinic organised by Cold Storage Kids Run prior to the race. They were taught the right posture to run, plus other crossfit exercises. I learnt that not all movements are natural to children, but through training, they can improve. There were techniques that require co-ordination, speed, strength and agility that one uses when they do sports.


There was alot of excitement. The boys were up early. We prayed for them and gave the usual quick tips. “Get up and run even if you fall, if its a little abrasion, keep going. If it is excruciating, then yell for help.” , “keep looking ahead, don’t compare.”, “Do your best, listen to your body”.

This year’s racing tee feels softer and of a better quality. The boys said they do not feel hot underneath it.

There was more logistic this year as we had to take baby along this year. She was just 3 months old and I think she slept throughout.  I can’t wait to see my little athlete join the run when she grows up!

Waiting at the finishing line has been one of the hardest thing to do. The look of determination in the the faces of these young runners stirs me. Many parents were cheering for their children. I too, disregarded a sleeping baby right under my chin to give my brightest cheer for the boys. I feel a teardrop rolled down my cheeks.

The eldest came in at 4:42:1, placing him 66th position out of 324 runners. He did better than his last race! So proud of him!














Elias came in at 5:01:2, placing him in the 127th position out of 324 runners. Well done! We found that he actually fell at the starting line, but picked himself up and continued running. Go! Go! Go! My brave one!













Theo was happy that his friends were running this year!













The good thing about this race is that everyone goes back with a medal. I explained to them its a reward for the effort they put in. At home,  Theo’s medal fell on the floor and the ring came apart.














He cried when he thought he could not put it back again. But what touched us was the little gesture that his younger brother showed.  Right message reads “I will give you my medal.” Left message says this ” Dear Theo, I know you are sad, God loves you and I love you too.” ” I will give you my medal.”













Younger brother does not hold things too tightly. Even if it was something he had earned, he chose to give it up for his big brother. I thought that was priceless! And in the spirit of Sportsmanship, here’s something I read that is worth much praise during the current 28th SEA games. SEA Games marathon: Liew shows what real class is – Marathon runner, Ashley Liew said “It is not always about the medals, but also the things you do in between.”

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