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DIY Baby’s Full Month Celebration

May 12, 2015, 0 Comments

I love DIY!

A few months before baby’s arrival, I began to dream up a baby full month’s package. With my eldest son, we had a buffet celebration. It did not work for us, because we became so tired for it, my milk supply dipped to an all time low that day.

What we did for our second son was to pack freshly baked muffins into boxes. It worked well except that everyone had to be really busy on the actual day, since muffins are best eaten fresh.

So for the little lady that we’re going to have, I’ve decided to make it a little more fancy and a little easier for everyone.

Eunice was an upbeat and cheerful lady I met through her company, Budget Marketing. She started her online business since August 2008. She is a mother with great determination of being the best mum for her only son. She shares that she only works when her son is in school so that she can spend more time with him. Weekends are totally dedicated to her family. Yet, being the go getter that she is, she successfully ventured into creating her own brands, such as GF Berry and Precious Angels over time.

Budget Marketing carries little knick knacks of sorts and a wide range of packaging needs.  Look under Wrapper bags and Accessories! Their range of boxes and stickers from Korea are so sweet and cute one could go wild shopping there! I had a hard time deciding what I want.

Eunice patiently sent me pictures of various boxes, unitl I picked this classic pink one. I liked it for its unusual shape and that I could tie a little pink satin ribbon at the sides. Inside are the items I had purchased online in large quantities of 30 to give it out. I had decided to pre-order what I can to avoid last minute rush of assembling them into the boxes.








As usual, I roped in my my little helpers. They had a great time helping me pack!

Ribbons and clear packaging are from Daiso.


















Pink straws from Budget Marketing help cushion the items in the box and gave the packaging a soft look overall.

I wanted a fusion of traditional and practical treats for the young and the young-at-heart, so we DIY-ed and packed red eggs, organic glycerine soaps,  organic USDA certified teabags with either a molten lava cakes or heart-shaped Ang ku kuehs into the boxes. I loved the pretty heart-shaped kuehs. I have known Michelle from Yumm’ee Foods for some time. She is a friendly and passionate baker who makes an astonishing variety of traditional soft and delicious keuhs herself. Her kuehs are often sought after for various events. We ordered a variety of molten lava cakes from Smoulder which fit nicely into the box.

A friend loaned me a die cut machine so I could cut perfectly shaped announcement cards to go along. Another friend, who’s a graphic designer helped with the layout and design of the stickers. Thereafter I sent it to print at OneDayPrint.

I highly recommend OneDayPrint for all your labels and stickers needs. I ordered the Mirrorkote stickers that is slightly glossy and non smudged. I was very impressed with their service as they were very prompt and professional in handling my many enquiries via emails.










We were really pleased with our little DIY.  This was a most stress free baby full month celebration of all. There was hardly a need to step out of the house. No fuss, and a whole lot of fun!









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