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Birth Story

April 1, 2015, 0 Comments

Isn’t it lovely to have a birth story to look back at? I told myself I have to put this down no matter what.

I remember every one of my children’s birth. They were as distinct as their personalities, and they were memorable.

Pregnant four times, with two miscarriages and having gone through 4 seasons of morning sickness, I often wondered why I keep on trying. I don’t have much tolerance for physical discomfort, but I love babies.

At about 2 months of gestation, my husband and I discovered that I was carrying a baby girl.  We were pleasantly surprised, and a little lost to be honest.  Afterall, we have gotten quite used to the rough and tumble and convenience of … well, boys! For one, we never had to wrestle with the style of clothes the boys wear; it was always a top and a pair of three quarter pants OR jeans. Not much fuss. Going out was always a breeze. Preparation were quick and easy. When they were little, we never had to worry about the loo when we are out. Just find some bushes or trees, away from the crowd, and there they are, easy as can be.

With a girl, we did not know what to expect. But to have a girl was certainly God’s unmerited favour. It was to be my final pregnancy and to have children of both gender was something I dare not hope for, but secretly wanted. I left it up to God to decide what is best for me.

At baby’s gestational age of  two weeks, I saw the her from the monitor at the gynecologist’s clinic . She was lying horizontally, and like a little gymnast on a trampoline, she was bouncing up and down! I have never seen anything like this with my two other boys. I was really surprised at how agile the baby was!  The impression never left me.

My obstetrician and gynecologist told me to expect a quicker delivery than baby number two. I didn’t think it was a big deal initially.

When she asked to my husband, “Do you want to take up a midwifery course?”  I got a little scared.

“I would rather you come in with false labour, then to give birth in the taxi!” Okay, this is not getting funny anymore.

She would repeat in her warm and assuring voice each time I asked about the possibility of epidural.

“If you were 6 cm dilated, epidural would be meaningless.”

I prayed earnestly that I would receive epidural. My non stop question with regards about epidural during each visit shows how much I depended on it.

“Is there a possibility to still ask for epidural even though I am 6 cm dilated?”

“Is giving birth to the third one painful?”

“Do you think I will be okay without epidural?” My doctor says that unlike previous generation, our generation probably could not take the pain. She is right.

Baby was estimated to arrive on the 5 Feb 2015.  Our family was busy with Christmas celebrations, followed by Elias first birthday celebration in Singapore. So we had a rather fancy 6th birthday celebration for him. We also had to do an outdoor shoot for Elias kindergarten graduation photo. All in all, we were also rushing to complete our preparation to welcome our little girl. Everything from wardrobe, feeding essentials, diapers, beddings, my pre natal treatment, post natal appointment, facial etc. etc. Neither did we know we had so much to do even till the last minute. I also tried to prepare as much as I can for the boy’s learning when the baby is born.

I planned to rest at home one week before her estimated due date, but ended up only being only able to stay put at home on 3rd Feb. I think I experienced some contractions, but I wasn’t sure. I have never experienced contractions with my two boys, so I was hoping this time would be no different. I wasn’t ready to give birth yet. I told my husband, I haven’t got a word from God. Not even a worship song on my tongue.

On the 4th of Feb, I asked God for a word to prepare me. He showed me this verse, Ps 27:14 “wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord!”

On 5 Feb, well-meaning friends and family members text me about baby’s arrival. I was slightly irrate. Waiting was hard to do, being chased while we are waiting is even harder. I chose to switch off my mobile phone just to be completely still. Very soon, I know life, rest would be something I can only pine for with a baby. I slept alot for that couple of days for my body to prepare to give birth.

On the night of 6 Feb, I woke up with pain in my abdomen. I recalled having pig’s stomach soup the night before. I had diarrhea at 4am, and then a show. Then I waited for the pain to come again and if it did, I am having a contraction. It did and I immediately woke my husband, “David, David, get up , we have to go to the hospital. Baby is coming!” If it wasn’t dramatic enough, imagine a scene from the Bible when God woke Joseph and Mary to travel to Bethlehem in the middle of the night. I was feeling really excited!!!

But the pain got worse. And very quickly I could not even stand. I shook my younger son, who would not budge. Then My older son and told him that mummy have to go to the hospital. The husband called the cab and woke the helper. I changed quickly and grabbed my emergency bag.

On the way out, I remembered a SALE event at Isetan I asked my mum to go the next day and went back to grab the discount coupon.  My husband scolded me!

I had three contractions at home and about 4 contractions on the way in the taxi. I was in such pain, I thought I would faint. There seemed to be something really pushing out. I thank God that there was no traffic at 4.30am. I live in an area where getting a cab is impossible in the peak hours, such as morning 7-9am. I had to trust the Lord to bring the baby out in a time that he would provide for us. Such an exhilarating journey!

Seeing my favourite hospital, Thomson Medical Centre made me really happy. The taxi stopped at the entrance and I quickly went up the stairs while the pain was gone. Then it came and this time, I had to hold the pillar and asked for a wheelchair! David was supporting me and not a look of worry was on his face! He was laughing and telling me a story about his colleague who gave birth in the taxi. How horrible was that??!!!

Once in delivery suite, I asked for epidural. The nurse checked me and paged for my gynae to come. Oh, how many contractions must I suffer before the whole ordeal would be over? I think I must have had about 3 or 4 contractions before my gynae came. My gyane appeared in the room in what seemed like 5 minutes. She checked me and declared that I am not to take any epidural because I am already 6cm dilated – just as she has predicted. So “choon!” WHAT??? WHY??? NO!!!!!!!!!!! Pain-gone-pain-gone. It felt like I have no choice but to face this head on.

Whenever the wave of pain swept over my whole abdomen, I will clench my teeth and hold on to the side of the bed rail. I was given laughing gas, which I suspect was a decoy, because I felt no relieve whatsoever!  I asked my gyane how many times will my contractions be before I finally give birth. Without missing a beat, she says  “Four times”. I gotto love her for it, because it was exactly after my forth contractions that my wonderful bundle of joy was finally pushed out! She weighed in at 3.3kg, 50 cm tall at 5.25am.

Welcome to the world Avigail Kyla! May sunshine and fresh air fill your life. May you experience the love of Jesus like no other. May you be a true worshipper of the Lord God who created you and know you before you were born.




A very Big Thank You to my favourite doctor!

I would miss my gynae so much. Because this would be my third and final baby. Dr. W K Tan has been the best doctor I have ever met in my entire life. She saw me through 2 miscarriages and one emergency operation. And each time she came while I was waiting for my turn, big tears would roll down from my eyes whenever I hear her voice. She has the best bedside manners, very experienced and will take no nonsense from her patients or colleagues, but she will always have the best interest of her patients at heart. Waiting time for consultation to see her is usually 1 to 2 hours minimum. She is also the one who operate on me when a cycst in one of my ovary burst and I had to have an emergency operation. Once, in the hospital, she asked me if I’d like her to tell my room-mate to be quiet so I can rest. Her thoughtful gesture makes my hospital stay so much more comfortable.

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