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We have been using spring mattress since our wedding day and after 9 years, the sag in the middle of the bed, was obvious. And despite flipping the mattress, I think it has reached its maximum lifespan. With my belly growing quickly in the recent months, I was beginning to experience backaches.

A hunt for simple mattress turned out to be quite an experience for us. Like most things, we take for granted that what has worked for a long time would still work.

Not so when it comes to mattresses, we found out later.  We chanced upon various types of latex mattresses during our search and decided to delve further. There are so many varieties out there, totally overwhelming newbies like us. I mean, how often does one look for a mattress? There are spring cum latex mattresses, latex from Asia, latex from Europe, full latex, latex top, 100% natural latex and so on.

We looked around for a good 6 months before deciding on the type of mattress we wanted.

Naturally, first up in our criteria list was to look for a pretty firm mattress, not just to tide us through my pregnancy, but for a long way to go. This is what we found out:

Latex Vs Spring mattress

We decided to go for the ‘feel’, since we would be spending a good 8-10 hours of sleep everyday. We went to at least 3 different stores to sample the different types and brands of mattresses.

Feel – Spring mattresses usually have a “bouncy” feel to them. The very firm Spring mattress is too hard, while the medium firm type usually feels too soft. Latex mattresses are pretty silent, it has a gentle cushion-feel to it when we lie down. We quite like it even though it was our first time testing it.

There are various types of spring mattresses. The more common ones are pocketed spring which has individual coils.  Both fully latex mattress and pocketed spring mattress promises less felt movement or less partner disturbance. Comes in handy for nights for those whose spouse toss and turn or prefer undisturbed sleep throughout the night. My husband is much heavier than me, so when he turns, even so slightly, I can feel it in my sleep.

Lifespan – Spring mattress requires frequent flipping. 100% natural latex requires no flipping, as the material does not sag.

Radiation – 100% latex mattress prevents electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Coils inside mattress can be magnetized through our movements. Frequent exposure to magnetic fields can disrupt quality of sleep, and have impact on our health. Metal Springs could act as an antennae for EMF. This was certainly news to us. Source:  Conscious Design Magazine

Verdict: Since Latex is really expensive considering its manufacturing processes, it really doesn’t make sense for us to go for half spring, half latex top mattresses, especially when they are priced competitively.

We like that that a good latex mattress is natural and non-toxic. The cushion comfort of a firm latex mattress was also more comfortable compared to a firm topper of a spring mattress or a firm spring mattress.  Unlike other types of mattresses, latex mattress’s open cell structure and ventilation make it less habitual for dust mites and microbes. It is mold and mildew resistant, antimicrobial, and resistant to fungus and good for those who are sensitive to dust, allergens or are asthmatic.

With increased used of technology like wi-fi and mobile phones, we are inherently exposing ourselves to too much radiation, unlike 10 years ago. Hence the deciding factor that made us lean towards latex mattress is health. And the only way is to go completely natural, without the interference of metal coils!

How do I know if the latex mattress I am buying is of top quality?

We chanced upon Sofzsleep in our comparison of latex mattresses in Singapore market and found that few brands provide assurance of quality.

Sofzsleep offers a number of certification on their products. Their sales person is also friendly and able to explain patiently how their mattresses are made.

I was told that their manufacturer goes through stringent test to certify that their product does not contain harmful substance and is environmentally friendly. Oeko-Tex standard is a test for “textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.”

100% natural latex would not sag over time and Softzsleep offers a 10 year warranty on all their mattresses.
Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA), an independent institute that conducts tests on latex mattresses had Sofzsleep Latex mattresses go through a gruelling test of 60 000 cycles (equivalent to 10 years of sleep). Sofzsleep scored 91 out of 100 points, proving that their mattresses excel in durability, elasticity and comply with durability criteria. Impressive.

In contrast to latex mattresses which are not certified, there is no guarantee that their mattress will not sag in 2 to 3 years time as the elasticity of the mattresses wane over time.

Beware of cheap latex mattresses though. If it is not 100% latex, fillers like calcium carbonate or chalk (Cac03) that could be detrimental to our health could be added into the mixture. It also has a rubbery smell, makes the mattress harder and less comfortable overall.

Check out the manufacturing process!

The founders of Sofzsleep have worked in the Belgian mattress supply industry for over 21 years! They even supply their mattresses to hospitals.

Sofzsleep mattresses and pillows are handcrafted individually. Metal pins on this mold helps “bake” the latex evenly and properly. Heat Dispersion on the latex ensures that it is completely dry. If it is “over-baked” or damp, a rubbery smell or early aging of latex will occur.

Latex is being mixed to ensure a consistent compound and quality.

This picture shows Sofzsleep’s latex supplier in Belgium and their State of art technology.  Their mattresses are being hung on a conveyor belt and sent for packing after being tested.

It was an eye opener learning how intricately latex mattresses are made.

What did we finally chose?

By this time, there was no doubt that Sofzleep is the one we will go for.  After testing out a few mattresses, we went for the one that provides us with maximum firmness and guarantees “low disturbance with consistent pressure distribution, plus optimises back recuperation and ventilation during natural night movements.” Chiro queen-sized mattress did not disappoint.

After sleeping on the mattress for nearly a month, my backache has significantly reduced. Chiro mattress is made of soft topper on an extra firm base, so we feel the softness, yet with firm support for our bodies through the night.

My boys slept on it and told me I bought a ‘hotel standard mattress”. I think it just looks like a hotel bed but feels much better! I like waking up fully rested.

Being 100% latex, it has a natural softness that moves with our body weight.

Most mattresses that Sofzsleep offers has a zip to uncover 2 or 3 layers of mattresses to accommodate extra guests – what a clever design! It can also be used to to alternate firmness of the mattress, or for those who wish to give the cover an occasional wash.

Chiro, however does not have that feature.   Chiro mattress comes with a one piece tape edge cover, made of Cool Max fabric that feels cool and comfortable. To keep the mattress ultra clean, we put a mattress protector over. It is good to know that this, does not compromise on comfort.

Cool Max regulates and reduces perspiration or moisture so we can be assured of a cool, comfortable sleep.  At 25 cm thick, we like that it is the thickest of all the mattresses. Most standard bedsheets fit well without having us tuck in the extra sheets underneath it. Changing bedsheets can be done in a jiffy!

Mind you, 100% fully latex mattresses can be really heavy! Thank goodness we don’t have to flip ours at all! Our queen-sized mattress is estimated to be at least 45 kg!

Sofzsleep’s assorted adult mattresses are retailed at various outlets. Mountain Teak at Tan Boon Liat building carries a wide selection of adult mattresses and pillows.

Pillows pillow pillows!

Sofzsleep’s range of pillows are equally soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Design pillow feels fuller while Classic pillow is thinner.

Photo: Design Pillow

My personal favourite would have to be Design pillow. No neck aches or headaches. Just really comfortable and soft. It is said that the pillow “supports the head and neck in a natural spinal alignment and reduces pressure points by molding and adjusting itself as you move throughout the night.”

Photo: Classic pillow

Classic pillow is more suited for young children or those who prefers a thinner pillow and sleep on their tummies. It is also said to “reduces pressure on your neck and muscle tension.” I don’t really fancy thin pillows and might pass it to my son when he sleeps over at grandma’s.

All of Sofzsleep pillows come with zipped bamboo coverings for a cool and fresh feel because of the microscopic gaps in bamboo fibers.

We are happy to have discovered Sofzsleep, because when we buy quality products, we are investing in things that really matter.

Sofzsleep carries a wide range of pillows, both for adults, children and babies.

To learn more about latex mattress or Sofzsleep. Check out their FAQ page!


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