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Prenatal treatment at Nouri : Scrub and Wrap

January 16, 2015, 0 Comments


I went back to Nouri’s to finish off my prenatal treatment. This time I was highly recommended to do a “Scrub & Wrap” combo.  I actually can’t wait because each time I finished at Nouri’s, I feel refreshed.

But many women ask, “Is it really safe to do a body scrub during pregnancy since our skin is more sensitive during this period of time?”  Valerie of Nouri Face and Body Concepts tells me that it is important to select a highly trained therapist who could recommend products that are safe for use, as well as to ensure that expectant mums thoroughly relax and benefit from the treatment.

Since 2001, Nouri had been customising their products to suit every customers based on their skin types and condition, body’s level of water retention and level of fatigue.

I liked that the lightly scented smooth paste they applied on me was actually Green Tea extracts, spirulina, clay, yogurt and marine extracts. It sounded so yummilicious to my skin!

Already in my third trimester, I was ready to close my eyes as soon as my head hit the pillow. In this case, Nouri’s adjustable massage bed, well elevated to suit my aching back helped me sleep like a baby while I was given a head to toe gentle scrub and wrap. Even the hard to reach areas like between the toes and underarm are given a good scrub.

Val says, “We use an exclusive grade of scrub which contains rich anti-oxidants of Green Tea extracts. The granules found are high in concentration and assures a well-cleansed and detoxified skin. Since our skin is our largest and most exposed organ to pollutants, it is essential to keep it well maintained, specially during pregnancy.”

The session took about 45 minutes. After which, I was advised to give myself a good rinse and then prepare for the wrap. A good scrub ensures that waste and toxins are flushed out.  I feel lighter and already my skin feels soft and smooth. I love that it is so convenient to step into the shower area right in the massage room itself.














I was then given a Organic Cacoon Wrap in a dimly-lit room with soft music so that I could rest and relax while my skin takes in all the goodness. The wrap is mild and does not feel tight or uncomfortable. I was given pillows to prop myself up while I lay on my sides.

The wrap helps to hydrate tired skin, lighten scar tissue, prevents stretchmarks, and alleviate water retention.  It is recommended that we do a “Scrub and Wrap” every two weeks to see results.












And while all that was taking place, I was given a wonderful face massage. Did I say I love their Relaxing Aromatherapy Face Massage best? My face usually glows after the massage, and if you are sleep deprived like me, you’ll appreciate how dramatically dark eye rings are reduced right after just one session! I wished I could do it everyday!

I love that my skin felt really smooth for days after the session. If you have water retention, you would also see remarkable results immediately.


















The entire treatment takes about 2 hours. At Nouri, each session is carefully tailored to suit everyone.  There is short consultation session before and after the treatment to understand our needs better. Unlike other spas and prenatal establishments, there is absolutely no hard sell and no obligatory sign up for beauty packages, so we can feel at ease and truly enjoy a relaxing experience that only Nouri can give.

Don’t just settle for “Scrub & Wrap”, go for the entire prenatal pampering experience! Check out my Prenatal Therapeutic Face & Body Massage session at Nouri!

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