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The character that will carry the gifts

November 29, 2014, 0 Comments

We don’t always have to train our children between right and wrong, black vs white. When they are no longer preschoolers, they enter a phase where their skills, talents and gifts becomes more prominent. But it seemed that something is still not in full bloom. I call this a process of germination.

All plants require sunlight, air and water to grow, but different seeds require different amount of water as they do not imbibe as much as others.  When the environment is appropriate, the seeds will then germinate and grow. Seeds need good soil to grow.















I look at my keen learner and his obvious giftings in areas of music, history, language, his curiosity, his insatiable thirst for knowledge, his love for books, drawing, outdoors, animals, science, geography, cooking, crafting etc. He is a wonderful and delightful student and child to have.  I have never seen a moment of dullness in his life, he is a great influencer, a leader, just by being him. Because he is such a motivated person.

Usually the first to rise, he either takes to his books or sits and draws. His brother follows suit. There is absolute peace and order in the house even when both mummy and daddy happened to sleep in on the weekends.

Seated at the table yesterday, he finished his Chinese worksheet with tears with his eyes. He tells me he is wondering when will he ever get better in his primary 1 Chinese. He felt sad he did not know much. Such a sweetheart, I told him, “Do you feel disappointed? Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. You can cry if it makes you feel better, but we’re gonna work hard together in this area okay?” He went away still heavy-hearted. Why should a mere 7-year old be burdened with this? I could never figure out. Perhaps he feels a sense of responsibility to be the best in all that he do. Perhaps he is really really eager to conquer this.

Either ways, I wished that he could take is easy and enjoy childhood longer, forever!  I often tell him, God did not create us perfect, he created us human. But I thank God, we are not made to be good at everything. We were talking about renaissance men over lunch and he seemed to be in awe of them. During those times, I explained there was no television to distract and people worked hard and practice their trades over and over again till they become better. They may be very skillful, but human beings are never perfect.

Teaching this beautiful, gentle soul is nothing short of a privilege.  This seed that needed a right environment and the right amount of water to grow.  In spite of this obviously bright and keen learner, there is a need for tender and strong coaches in his life who are able to steady his heart. I see God working in him to ground and mould him.  I thank God for showing me this, so I could see.

When I am less patient and speak harshly, he tells me that I am not being encouraging. I could see him straddle between who he is and who he wants to be.  Yes, he is a good seed. Thank God indeed, he is a good seed. God always give us good seeds.

And God is a faithful God. He is the right coach for us, both mummy and son.

We are work in progress. God work in us so that our character can carry our gifts.

My son has begun, not a journey of academic performance or competition in the rat race, but a lifelong journey of discipleship. I’m blessed.

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