Prenatal Massage at Nouri – “Beautiful mum, Beautiful pregnancy!”

November 26, 2014, 0 Comments

I love scents, and naturally aromatherapy.  However, too many well-meaning advise about the use of essential oil on the internet only leaves one confused, and in the end, I ditched all use of essential oil, since I was pregnant.











Then I met an aromatherapist and things changed! When Valerie, owner of Nouri Face and Body Concepts, and a highly qualified aromatherapist invited me to try her signature Prenatal Therapeutic Massage, I was only too happy to find out how essential oil, shunned by many pregnant women can still be enjoyed safely.  Under her care and expertise, I was soon won over.

Val, explained to me why it is best to avoid all essential oil if in doubt, but seek the advise of a qualified aromatherapist.   In fact, it is better for pregnant women to stay away from products containing fragrances, additives and preservatives. Val explained, “It is not the amount of the quantity used, but the composition of the products that matter.”







Essential oils are very fine molecules which penetrate the skin really well.  So it is important that pregnant women avoid using oils such as lemongrass or Lavender, both of which induces labour.

This is my third pregnancy and my first prenatal massage!  I wished I have had my prenatal massage for my first two pregnancies, especially when I was still working while expecting my first son.  Prenatal massage would give the much needed lift for  women who want to look and feel fresh and confident whether in a corporate setting or simply as a stay home mother.  I was determined to look my best for my third pregnancy, even though I have two active boys to care for at home.

I have had aches over my backs for the past few weeks, probably due to the growing belly, and age, so this 1 hour and 15 minutes face and body massage was a relief for my body and soul.  The essential oil which they customized for me has a mild but pleasant scent.  It does not agitate and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Lee Yan, her capable assistant uses gentle but firm strokes to massage my shoulders, arms, legs, face and head while I drifted off to sleep!

That night, I slept like a baby. I felt lighter, and my back muscles does not feel as tight as when I first came to Nouri.  In fact, I was actually surprised that my skin stayed moisturized for days after! I could actually feel the suppleness and a tinge of glow on my skin. Needless to say, I smell great too! With Nouri’s pure essential oil, one cannot help but go back for more. Like I said, I love smelling good. But, then again who doesn’t? Consistent with Nouri’s passion and care to help their client look and feel great, they gave me a bottle of massage oil for aftercare use when I am at home.

When I went back for session two of the massage a few weeks later, I could totally feel the effects of a GREAT massage. A so-so massage gives one a heady feeling, possibly because of the nice ambience with no results to show. But a GREAT massage actually helps one to feel totally relaxed for days after. With Lee Yan’s expert strokes that reaches my back muscles and shoulders, thighs and legs muscles, my pregnancy related aches and pain are all gone and soothed. It gets better with more massages.

Even my dark eye rings lightened after the face massage, which Nouri encourages me to have more of.  I have been waking up every single night to go to the loo and am having trouble falling asleep right away in my third trimester. Frequent headaches also plague me during the third trimester. So a great facial massage really helps blood circulation, especially around the eye areas and around the temples. My head feels lighter too.

I also like that they provide two extra pillows for support, so that we the heavily pregnant mothers would not only lie to one side with nothing to grasp. Such are the small but important gestures that makes one feel cared for and pampered.

At Nouri, they specialized in customization. Unlike many other beauty salons, they don’t try to hard sell a package which insist for clients to sign on for specific number of sessions.  Their pricing are affordable as are their quality products. They only use pure essential oils which are self formulated for maximum benefits, and are readily available for retail. Their products do not contain harsh ingredients or preservatives.

In a cosy and cheerful setting, Val would first seek to understand a client’s needs before recommending suitable treatments. Clients can then pick any or choose all of their Prenatal treatment in their delightful menu. These includes Prenatal Therapeutic Body and Face massage, Relaxing massage, Facial, detoxifying Scrub, Brazilian waxing and Organic Body Cacoon.