Mama misbehaves

November 18, 2014, 0 Comments

Today is the younger boy’s graduation day from kindergarten. He was sent to school as the family is going through transition. (Hint: He’s going to be a Kor Kor soon for the first time! I’ll be bias, he’ll always be my adorable cutie pie no matter what.)

Traditional school does not suit him, there is way too much emphasis on academics, but we can’t afford anything else.

Yesterday he returned home from a full dressed rehearsal and his cute little bow tie which his Aunt help us buy from Jakarta, was missing from the bag. I panicked because I had long suspected that the teachers have a hard time managing a group of preschoolers. I actually offered to help them out, but was rejected.

Not one who usually over reacts, I was especially worked up yesterday.  The stress of having to deal with this missing bow tie meant I had to take a cab to his school when calls to the administrator went unanswered. In the cab, my confinement lady called. It dawned upon me how much more I had to pay when I have a CNY baby. Cost in Singapore seems to keep going up.

At his school, I was not the most pleasant. But what made it worse was his very thoughtful teacher who kept apologizing. Between trying to let it go and blowing it up, I went into a tirade of incessant nagging. I blamed the little boy for not looking after his things and being irresponsible even after I had reminded him to bring the whole suit back, especially the little bow tie.

The teacher was kind and took my suggestion to ring every parent up, in case it was misplaced in some other kid’s bag. She then rang me in the evening to update me that she had gotten a new one to replace it. I was mad and didn’t bother to say thank you. I badly needed to rest.

In the middle of the night, I woke up. I was restless as I had not resolved this internally. I looked at my sleeping boy. I felt so sorry that my tantrum had probably hurt him. I asked him how he felt when he lost the bow tie & then I kissed him and apologised. This time, I hope better sense prevail.

I told him, “Its okay that the bow tie is missing, we can always find another way out. Tomorrow is your big day. You’re graduating and you’re performing in the concert. Are you excited? ” He nodded, eyes still closed. I said sorry again for being angry, and he nodded again.

What is a bow tie? It’s just a missing link between us mum and son, and now it’s closed.

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