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Psssst! Wassup?

August 21, 2014, 0 Comments

This is a short post about a long journey, and one which explains my disappearance from the blogosphere for the past couple of months.

Well… it all started with sinus. I don’t usually have sinus and it is pretty annoying when the nose is constantly blocked for no apparent reason. The next thing I knew I am feeling queasy over certain food when suddenly I threw up one day during lunch.

Yep… you guessed it, its a bun in the oven! 5 pregnancies and 3rd kid on the way. Does life offers trials? Yes, in most cases. But for me, that means having to spend more time squatting in the pristinely white loo and constantly hanging my head over the toilet bowl for the most part in the evenings, trying not to feel gross, and at the same time not throw my entire intestine out.

My first trimester was a bumpy ride (pun included) and I was at my all time low. :( So is official, I was having pregnancy related sinus which will stay with me for the entire nine months and I have no idea how to get rid of it. The gynaecologist prescribed anti-histamine but I am not inclined to take it as it does not help me permanently. So I went along sniffing, coughing, and tried to stay out of air-conditioned rooms as much as I can. The hubs had to be out of town for business and for 10 agonizing days, I was just trying to survive. Thankfully, my sweet boys boys made cards, sang for me, played the piano and hugged me every evening to comfort me. A few friends helped me to stay upbeat.

I was hopelessly addicted to all the sweet junk food all good mothers would hide away from their children. And here I am storing them up in my fridge and nibbling behind their backs. When caught by any of my kids, I say ” Oh, its pregnancy food!” I don’t get away with it very often, and suffers huge amount of guilt when I have to give in to them. Sigh …

6 years is a long time to remember how it all felt.  I seemed to have forgotten how to swaddle a baby? How do I hold a newborn in the bath? What’s the difference between having two and three children? Thankfully, 6 weeks passed and I survived. I am now well into my second trimester. And we still have no baby crib, no high chair, no baby essentials… hahah… because we gave it all away last year!  Yes,  we are starting all over.

The boys went with me to the gynaecologist a few weeks ago and saw a bouncing 12 weeks old baby on the screen when I had my ultrascan.  And they all want another boy! Boy, oh boy!

Elias asked “Mummy, who is the youngest in the family when the baby is born?” His eyes widen as if ready to jump for joy.  And in his usual playfulness, he said to baby in my tummy “Hello baby, I am your Kor Kor Elias. I am 5 years old and you are zero! hahahah” Cheeky boy him!

Oh come what may, we’re depending on God almighty for a time of transition, his provision, grace and good health upon everyone in the family as we look forward excitedly to welcoming our Jubilee baby in February 2015.  Honestly, I can’t wait to carry and  smell a new born again! That delicious scent, I remember it very well.



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