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Dyson Cool – Powerful and Quiet

August 19, 2014, 0 Comments

Our boys don’t sleep in air-conditioned rooms. We use the air-conditioner to cool the room and then switch it off after two hours. We believe it is better when we keep the windows open, fresh air is best.

We’ve had several fans throughout the years. The traditional ones we had were the standing fans with blades that requires a wipe down once every week or so to keep it dust-free. We didn’t have to do it before kids, but when the boys came along, and with frequent use, it became quite a chore.  So we bought a tower fan, thinking it would require lower maintenance, but it didn’t last us more than a year, even when we took utmost care of it.

(Photo credit: Dyson Singapore)

When Dyson introduced us their range of fans, we were naturally excited at trying it out. The fan is easily assembled. My boys, now 6 and 7 did it all by themselves. The first thing the boys asked was how did the air come about when there is no blades?  Dyson prides itself on its Air Multiplier™ technology.  Simply put, air is drawn in at the base, and then forced out through the ring-shaped structure over an air foil-shaped ramp and creates powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow. I like that it is safe and easy to clean. And if one has very young children at home, it is absolutely safe for them to stick their hands in, as all children love to do!

Several technologies also enables the energy efficient, yet noiseless and powerful fan to deliver its promise. Hidden at the base of the fan is a sturdy brush-less DC motor, reducing less energy to generate airflow. The large size of the bottom loop of the fan allows air to enter with less turbulence, thus reducing noise. So there you go, a fan that helps us save energy, yet gives us comfort  in our homes.

(Photo credit: Dyson Singapore)

There are 10 airflow settings on the Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan.  A sleep timer saves us from waking up in the middle of our sleep to turn the fan off, and the oscillation function allows air circulation around the room. All of us, especially loved the nifty little remote control, which literally fits easily into our palms, children and adults alike. After use, a curved magnetic base at the top of the fan allows us to store it easily. It is clear that the Dyson design engineers consider aesthetics in every aspects of their designs.

Our sleek Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan sits unobtrusively and quietly at the side of the boys’ room simulating natural air flow.   It comes with a 2 year guarantee and retails at S$779.

















AM06 Desk Fan comes in 4 models and 3 colours consisting of; Iron blue, white silver, and black nickel. Am07 Tower Fan comes in Black Nickel and White silver, while AM08 Pedestal Fan comes in both Iron blue and While silver. The Dyson cool range retails from S$399 – S$700.

Dyson Cool is available at various retail outlets.












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