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What inspires our children?

June 10, 2014, 0 Comments

I remembered as a child, the first person that left a deep impression on me professionally was a lady who emceed at a wedding. At 7 years old, my parents told me that lady was in public relations. I dreamt of becoming a public relations person one day & 16 years later, I did.

After I got married and gave birth, I met one of Singapore’s well-loved lactation consultant. Her passion, expertise and professionalism left an indelible mark on me. She was a live wire. An inspiration to many many mums.

As I go about educating my own children, I wonder what will it take for a child to catch that spark; Something that would ignite their hearts and give it their total commitment, albeit passion.

Lives are not changed based on knowledge or information. Knowing does not always translate to transformation, as we all know.

I decided that the passion is caught when one learns to be part of an experience. A big part of education , I believe, is to help make the world a better place. A giving back to the community if you like.

I’ve met many in my path. I am humbled and honored to know of their exploits; A young lady (Jennifer Heng, author of “Walking out of secret shame“) who stands up against abortion, a friend & fellow stay- at-home-mother (Dawn Fung) who volunteers as a cook for kids at a care centre once a week, an ordinary man (Leslie Lung of Liberty League) who helps those who are sexually broken, a lady who commits her life to helping underprivileged women (Carrie Tan of Daughters of Tomorrow), a couple who started a school overseas (Eden Grace Academy International) A retiree (Tony Tay of Willing Hearts) who runs soup kitchen to help the needy.

No school will teach us to do what these people did, but boy, aren’t those inspired lives? People can be at any stage of life, and still make an impact in the society.

My two little boys loved animals and have in their own small ways took part in rescuing horse shoe crabs, donated to Save the Street Dogs and more recently Save the Dolphins project. I guess, in a world where self-centerdness reigns, consumerism will abound if we don’t intentionally “give it back”.
We can always help to give it back, in whatever ways we can, whatever our age, wherever we are. As for me, I’m passionate to help parents build strong kids. In my own small ways, that is.

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