Spirit of Excellence! – Cold Storage Kids Run 2014

May 20, 2014, 0 Comments

The results of competitive run is out today! So much can happen within one minute, and it separates the winner from those who didn’t win, or does it?

This is our second time taking part in the run.

In a family of two boys, it is no wonder that we do sports alot, intentional or not. They are always running, jumping, on their bikes, kicking a ball, swimming, climbing and swinging about in the playground, you name it!

The boys enjoy sports so much it is easy to teach them good sportsmanship through these activities.

“Run as you would usually do your best in everything.” I told my eldest son. Even without a competition, the boys would race each other in almost everything. It’s the way they have fun, though not always as it is, in the eyes of us, parents.

We told him, “As in anything you do, do not look to your left or right, do not compare.”

The husband takes the boys for their weekly jogs regularly, and for this race, he took them to some uphill routes every week to train them in perseverance and endurance.  And for almost every practice, the younger son would look like he does not want to run again. “Kor Kor runs very fast, he always go very far!” He laments.

(Daddy, the trainer and coach)

As the day draws nearer, our eldest son, said that he could hardly wait for the day to arrive.  I could feel his excitement bubbling up.

Just one day before the race, I felt that it I could not hold up any longer and blurted out to him, “Son, you may not win tomorrow, but you will still do your best okay? Remember, when you do your best, you will always be a winner in my eyes. And God’s.” I understand, it is hard not to expect to win, especially when one trains hard.  Still, it is life that winning is not everything.

That morning, like the year before, we were up before the sun rises.  Unlike last year’s venue at the Padang, Gardens by the Bay was sprawling. There were 5’700 participants this year, up from last year’s 5’000 participants. It was really good to see so many families and children preparing to run. In a cityscape like Singapore, being outdoors and staying healthy and active is something still too rare. Without an event like this, people will be prone to stay indoors or in air-conditioned malls. Needless to say, we are nature lovers : sunshine,  fresh air and rain.

(This year’s race pack includes one FREE child entry ticket to Legoland in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which could be exchanged for an annual pass! Woo hoo!)

The holding area was alot more crowded this year.  Our younger boy was in the Happy Grape Family Run (5-6 year old) category. He would be 6 at the end of the year. It was a fun run, and we had not given him any special instructions. He was off with daddy before I could even say anything to him.

But this year was extra special for our elder son, it will be the first time he is in a competitive run, running on his own in the Bogey Banana Sprint for boys (7-8 year old) category. He had just turned 7 in April. I was naturally concerned for him. I was worried that he might be jostled out of the crowd or fall.  I told him that unless he suffers a sprained ankle or broken a bone, he should still get up and run, if he falls. He would have to learn to overcome all difficulties, including all unforeseen ones without mum or dad beside him.

Unlike me, who was a bundle of nerves, he was calm and all ready, obliging a shot at the holding area before his race begins. Daddy and little brother watched him from the starting line and cheered him on. It was all very exciting for us!

For the first time, I saw my elder son come running as fast as the wind past the finishing line. I was so proud of him.  I was so happy “he made it!”.   Not bad for a first-timer. I gave him a holler, “Pretty fast, Good job Theo!”  His face was still determined and set. I could tell he was disappointed because he really wanted to win.

As for the younger son, he was the third participant to finish the race in his group. He was so elated, he kept asking why they haven’t given him a trophy. I guess he must have forgotten he was in a non-competitive category! Elias told us, “Mummy, I thought I was going to lose, so I ran very fast until I pass by many people and was number 3.” Well done indeed. This must have given him a much needed booster, having an older brother who runs faster than him.

Thankfully, Cold Storage rewarded every single kid who completes the race with a medal. It was certainly well-deserved.

At home, during bedtime, Theo prayed “Dear God, thank you for a wonderful day at Cold Storage Kids Run, although I did not win, It is okay….” But he told me, “Next year, I want to win.” I praised him for his never-say-die attitude, an achievement in itself.  An excellent spirit I say to him, “But take winning with a pinch of salt. If we win , it’s a bonus.”

( Son’s timing was 4 minutes and 44 seconds, while the winner won by a mere 1 min! Out of 386 participants, he was number 119, with some of the last few runners coming in at 10 minutes. It was a tough fight!)

Kudos to Cold Storage for organising such a fun Kids Run, We’ll be back in 2015!


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