Mummy, who do you love more?

May 10, 2014, 0 Comments

Some months ago, the sons were comparing who I love most between them.

It seemed apparent that the one I showed most affection was the one I loved most, and one of them would say to me “You don’t love me, mummy!” And I will, and has always said, “Of course I do, I just express it differently. Your brother is affectionate, and he likes hugs, so mummy give him hugs.”

“I also like hugs.” The son will reply. And I gave him one of mine.

This son does not initiate hugs like his brother does. But all children wants to be loved exceedingly. Still, my hug for him did not make the mark.

From the disposition of this son, I realised I needed to re-look at his love language. He loved having us spend quality time with him, chatting and reading to him. He has so many ideas, information, and questions. I love seeing that bright sparkle in his eyes when he speaks. He feels love when we talk to him. Like me, he loves words.

I thought I had done all that. We do that everyday by being together. But something was missing and I could not find it.

Finally, an idea came to me. One evening while chatting to the sons on the bed, I snuggled up to him and took his hands. I told him, “you are hairy like daddy, I … shall call you … Furry!” That sends him into peals of laughter and I could see, from that instance, he felt exceedingly loved.

All it took was one affectionate nickname. The power of words indeed. God is good.
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