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River Safari Boat Ride! Here we come!

April 30, 2014, 0 Comments

The boys had been wanting to go for the Amazon River Quest boat ride at River Safari since it opened its door early this year. As usual, in this little island of Singapore, we like to wait a little until the crowd dissipates, so we can enjoy peace and quiet, especially when it is cruising the Amazon river.

Feeling a little nervous, when there was absolutely no one in sight.  We meant quiet, but not THAT quiet. The other boats before us were full though and I guess no one was in the queue after us, so here we go, having the whole boat to ourselves. Think Indiana Jones!

I like that the boat comes with a safety belt. It is a gentle ride, no doubt. But still, it is better safe than sorry.

The cruise started off with a slight splash, which startled my younger son, who is five and a half. But he liked it after being splashed a few times after. We got a little wet and the boys didn’t mind it at all.  The boat ride was slow enough for us to look around. The boys spotted so many animals on the way, and I too, got so carried away. I missed taking pictures of those gorgeous tapir in the water!

Monkeys scurried beside us in the trees, and we had to try to keep as still as possible so as not to scare them away.

The boys pointed to these Crimson Ibis up in the trees. How vivid were their colors.

I think we must have seen about 4 or 5 animals along the way, but I am sure there are more. The boat ride was just about 10mins and perfect for the family.  There is no shelter throughout the ride so it is as natural as can be. We heard that the boat ride will be suspended for safety reasons if there was lightning or rain.

With a ride costing just $3 for children (3-12 years old) and $5 for adults, I think it is fairly affordable, especially when we also get to enjoy the beautiful fauna all around. River Safari has specific guidelines for riders and it is worth checking it out especially if you have that young children who love rides like these. We want to make sure that no one goes away disappointed.

Tickets for the boat ride can be purchased either at the main entrance at the ticketing counter, or at the counter you board the boat itself. Discounts for entrance tickets for River Safari can be found here. Slots are opened for booking from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Please also be sure to check out for boat closure dates before you go to the River Safari! Have fun!

My Very happy camper!

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