You bounced!

February 8, 2014, 0 Comments

You bounce right out,
you were fast, without a doubt and you still are
5 years on,
you and your scooter, ahead of us
I had to hold my breath while I hear my own heartbeat
just to see if you remembered what I said
because I don’t do reminders and I don’t do nag
you did and you stopped before the traffic lights
but, not good enough
you cut it too close

you were asked to stand by the wall
not to move
because it is bedtime
not circus time
son, no bouncing I said

so back to that spot where you get to try again
no moving
let’s see if you can stop fidgeting

Yeah, what do mums of boys do all day
wishing there were no boys in the house? Sometimes.
wishing I could have one more… a girl? Perhaps.
Wishing there were no one in the house. Alot!

Rising above the din we do and its all mental (so don’t even think mums are weak without muscles)
if you think we are so calm and gentle, though not always this way.
it is possible we talk to ourselves alot
and just today, my husband walks by me and asked why I uttered “Jesus” to myself.
I said I call for him alot in the day, everyday!
ha! The secret of my sanity.

Now, you have finally stop bouncing, or rolling or flapping away, or twisting, shaking or giggling
and have drifted off to dreamland
I could bend down and kiss you goodnight
and kiss you a thousand times
and press my nose upon your chubby cheeks

I remembered you love it when mummy sings
‘you are my foodie’ to the tune of ‘You are my sunshine’
you told mummy, it made you feel so loved and you wanted to cry
mummy and her silly song

I pray that God will remind me, the next time you start bouncing
off the wall, off the bed, off the scooter, wherever!

That my love is still not enough!
I can only truly love through the love of God
the love that is deeper, wider and greater than no other
Love is patient. Love is kind. Its hard work as you can see.

One more thing, come Monday, let’s only do an hour’s nap.
I think it would help you bounce less, at least in bed.
I do love being a mum
how would refiner’s fire look otherwise?

~mum of 2 boys & a trampoline~

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