Mammoth task of organising

January 27, 2014, 0 Comments

If you’re a mum, you know there are endless organisation around the house.

The kitchen; shelves for baking utensils, containers for various types of flour, there are at least five different types. And, yes, I painstakingly label each flour outside their containers. Then there are noodles; vermicelli, pasta variety, Chinese noodles, Japanese noodles snacks etc. Next comes snacks; biscuits, cereals, nuts, waffles, pancakes, seaweed, seeds etc. Rice variety;sushi rice, brown rice, white rice etc.Desserts packets etc.

Laundry, detergents, all cleaning agents.

My pet peeve has got to be plastic bags. Big ones, medium ones, small ones. There are those used for the various bins in the house & the pretty & sturdier ones for storing gifts or take away for friends. We used to have them all in one huge bag but oh! What a disaster when you only need a tiny one. Really, I only have so much time on hand. So , at the risk of sounding neurotic, I’m going to sort them by their size in a basket with neat & clearly marked category.

There’re endless books, story books, homeschooling books sorted per subject. My books, my husband’s books stashed together in a shared bookshelf and more in the playroom.

Then there are endless boxes of all shapes & sizes for craft, play & imagination. I have a dedicated 4-tiered drawer just for that. Even then, I had to throw away some.

Toys, boardgames, bicycles, scooters, soccer ball, outdoor sport toys & camping stuff. These are not all that bad.

Storage for bedding, cushions, haberdashery etc. Storage for family portraits we have no place to display!

Exhibits of the boys’ artwork – and its not all flat. We are seriously running out of space!

Despite of which, I manage to keep the boys study table consistently tidy & clean. My study is neat with few ornaments, a hand made clay display that says, “Faith makes all things possible” & another wooden plaque that has these words displayed, “Count your blessings”! How can I not? Or more accurately, how can I afford not to?

There are weekly planning for lessons and menus. My reading plans on various topics & areas of boys’ education that needed attention. I jot down only 3 things I need to focus on with a rough timeline beside each.

My time is organized into three periods. Mornings – wisdom readings to the family followed by personal devotion. Afternoons are for readings, research & rest. At night, I work on my blog, or anything I fancy. I plan, but go with the flow most of the time. I stay out of FB in the day, unless I absolutely have to, like writing on Oak Tree – It’s what I do to catch a breather.

Then there are social calendar I manage for the family. Too many to count. Not forgetting noting places to go so the hubs & can fall love many times over & if I still have any energy leftover, God willing let’s squeeze in some romance! We are learning to go to the theatre instead of watching a movie in bed. Funny how life works. (But that’s for another time *wink*)

Well, of course I cannot adequately summarise my life in one post. But you get the idea. This is just organising around the house & since I don’t naturally delight in it, I guess I could at least “count my blessings”.

Share with us how beautifully you organise your home so that the aroma of love, joy & peace resides?

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