together we find joy

Together we find joy

November 6, 2013, 0 Comments

So many have written about motherhood. Why one more? Why so many more? The other day I would not be able to do marketing, it tires me physically. I wouldn’t be able to keep the house neat & tidy, it’s just that one more thing on our chore-list. One more meal to prepare. No, one more interesting, healthy meal to prepare. One more lesson to plan. One more toy to pick up.

One more unlovable moment to love, one more teachable moment to teach, just that one more moment to cherish.

Then one day, everything came crashing together. Tears flowed non-stop as I busied myself with the dishes. The boys had gone jogging and in that rare quiet moment, a tremendous sense for solace & comfort burst forth.

The husband returned home and declared eat out for dinner. So Mummy could have a rest.

Is motherhood so unbearable? Is it necessarily so lonely?

The boys were given a present; a pair of happy lemony yellow gloves.

Every Monday is Chores Day! The boys loved it. I sweep, they dust, then we scrub the bathrooms together.

They get to take turns to push the shopping basket at the supermarket. And daddy helps to take it home.

The brothers help each other to clean up after play. They make their beds daily. I make mine.

When I cook, they help prepare & set the table. I do the dishes in the day, the husband helps out in the evening.

The boys & I do the laundry in the day, the husband hangs them up to dry & folds them neatly to put them away in the wardrobe.

And last, but not least. The husband calls a weekly date so he could love on his wife.

With days like that I can have 100 more & be filled with joy.
Because the gifts we have are our pair of hands, and we used them to serve each other. If one falls down, the other picks him up. No one travels alone.

Now everyone can smell the roses, and hear the birds chirp. I can bake another cake, do another gourmet meal, create something fancy. We can bless our neighbours, our friends, even strangers.

All because we do it together, there is much joy!

(Children first learn to serve right within the family. They learn to care when they carry each other’s burden. The gift of servanthood is of great value. One that is humble, not picky, doing whatever required to help & encourage. It is mostly caught, not taught.)

pls share with us what do you do to serve one another in the family? We would love to hear your ideas!

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