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Re-defining citizenship

August 4, 2013, 3 Comments

A couple of years ago, we decided it was time to move. But circumstances changed and at the last minute we stayed on. These days, just when my husband and I are getting cosy in the middle of the night, we hear a pair of feet shuffling towards our bed.

Our master bedroom is extended as we knocked off the wall dividing the two bedrooms. So technically the boys are sleeping in their room, or their side of the room. But now it doesn’t seemed like we are in our own rooms, if you know what I mean.

Also, we are constantly running out of space for display. With young children, they create so many crafts and doodle so much, we literally have to paste, hang, string everything they create and finally we have no choice but to file whatever was created last season to make space for current ones.

Housing prices are so expensive. We are thinking, if space constraints and intimacy in marriage is affected by us remaining in our current abode, we will have to make the unavoidable decision to m.o.v.e. It’s now, or never because the price of housing will keep going up. I don’t think we are  going to be able to afford a house that cost more than a million, other than it being ridiculously priced.

But it does seemed like this is where Singapore is taking us. Seriously, when will living cost stop being so unreachable for ordinary citizens!

We love our 4-bedroom apartment. We actually spent very little on it, but made it cosy enough for a decent living. Yet, it is always good if we can afford a slightly bigger place without burning a hole in our pocket. Perhaps it is good to remember that our citizenship is above. This earth is only our temporary home, and we don’t need to give an arm or a leg to live it up.

Afterall, if God bless us with a place that is more spacious and comes with little need for renovation, we will know that it is all by His grace. Thank God our citizenship is in heaven. A mansion we don’t have to slog for, or renovation to make us lose sleep over. The floor is piled with gold, what more can we ask for?

3 Responses to “Re-defining citizenship”

  1. Irene Soh says:

    wow! That is really inspiring. Each time before i b.i.t.c.h I have to remember that my citizenship does not last forever. or rather, it is in heaven!!! Nicely written!

    • Sharon says:

      tks Irene for liking this post. It does help me to keep eternity in perspective while I am just s sojourner.

  2. Aaron says:

    1. We have little or no land. Even if the government had planned properly and not artificially inflated prices, it would still be high. It has always been high anyway.

    2. The sooner people learn that that our money is not real, and the sooner people realize that money printing in the US will cause inflation AROUND THE WORLD (inc SG), the sooner we’ll understand that there’s not much the PAP, WP, SDP, or any P can do to mitigate it.


    The onus is on us to prepare ourselves for inflation.

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