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Love gone wrong, made right

July 16, 2013, 0 Comments

A gorgeous Japanese friend I knew some years ago had to go through an inevitable change in her marriage. She is getting a divorce. The news came as a shock to many of us. She was a part-time model, tall, and had beautiful features. Her husband is a down-to-earth, religious Singaporean man. They both had two lovely boys who were about 3 and 5 years old. When we were out together, they looked like any ordinary couple anyone would have met.  We also know of a dentist whom when he got his first baby was so excited, he showed us so many pictures of his son. But 4 years later, he and his wife went their separate ways.

Such things do not happen overnight. These stories shocked us because our own friends go through them. When people go through difficult times, they suffer behind closed doors because of shame. But does it need to happen this way? We often wish we could do something.

I struggle in my attempt to get love. I struggle in my understanding of loving in a marriage.

So when I came across this conference organised by Liberty league, I was intrigued by its seldom talked-about topics. Topics like abortion, abuse, sex change, affair and more continue to make headlines the world over, but perhaps there is a way out.

Below is an interview I did with Mr. Leslie Lung, founder of the organisation, Liberty League.

1. Can you tell us what got Liberty League started?
Incorporated in 2004, Liberty League is a volunteer, community service organisation and its mission is to promote gender and sexual wellness for the individual, family and society. It was started to meet the needs of the community on a variety of sexuality issues such as gender identity, sexual abuse, same-sex attractions, opposite-sex relationships and so forth.

2. Who are the people behind Liberty League?
Liberty League is founded by Leslie Lung. He is a creative consultant by profession and also the author of FOC: Freedom of Choice, a compilation of true-stories of freedom from sexual bondage. The organisation is run solely by volunteers and includes people of various ages, occupations and backgrounds. Their professions include therapists, counsellors, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, pastors, designers as well as students, homemakers and retirees.

3. What other events has Liberty League organised?
Liberty League conducts talks, workshops and seminars in a variety of settings. They include both faith and non-faith based events to reach out to diverse communities. In addition, many support group meetings have been organised over the years. They cater to individuals of all backgrounds relating to gender, sexuality and other family life issues. This Conference in July is Liberty League’s first ever on Gender, Marriage & Family Life.

4. What are the concerns of 21st century love?
The number one concern today in relationships is Love, or rather what every individual understands the word “Love” to mean. In modern society, Love seems to equate feelings, emotions or even the physical act of sex. While Love indeed does encompass these things, contemporary ideas about Love seem too narrowly defined by just the romantic notions between that of a man and woman. All too soon, challenges begin to set in – dreams and fantasies falling apart, and expectations turning overbearing and unrealistic. These form a wedge between people and become issues that tear people apart- Love turning to hate, what was perfect and right, becoming wrong.

5. What are the highlights of the event “Love gone wrong made right”?
Love Gone Wrong, Made Right tackles all these issues head on. This conference is fast paced, macro in perspective and seeks to provide audiences with an overview. It is meant as a start and an initiation. It hopes to move people forward to take their first steps ahead and continue in the process of working out their relationships. This Conference is unprecedented in its scope of tackling issues from adultery, marriage, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, parenting, opposite-sex relationships, same-sex attractions and gender identity. Real life stories and experiences in first person account will be shared.

“I believe this will be a ground-breaking Conference, with so many people sharing openly about some of the darkest parts of their lives. It is so rare to hear something like this especially in this part of the world, so I truly believe this Conference will be impactful and beneficial for anyone from all walks of life. Man, woman, single, married, young, old… Spoiler Alert: I overheard that some of their stories would not be as if they are “having it altogether now” as one often hears when someone shares a testimony, but it will be authentic – just according to where they are right now, even if still dealing with their weaknesses. So real!”
Mr TTHoon, Singapore

6. Who would you recommend attend “Love gone wrong made right”?
Everyone who is, or wants to be loved, must come.

The conference, “Love gone wrong, made right” spans over two full days. It starts on 25 July 13 (Thurs) till 26 July 13 (Fri), 9 am to 5pm, at AXIS Auditorium . Ticket includes Resource pack goodie bag and foodie bag.

Oak Tree Baby readers is entitled to a special discounted ticket of only $99 per ticket (U.P $148/ticket). Kindly use this registration form or register online. Simply indicate “Oak Tree Baby” under Position/Ministry to enjoy the same discount. See you there!!

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