Not the Foggiest Idea!

June 25, 2013, 0 Comments

There is a world-wide phenomenal, whatever will be shaken will be shaken.
Earthquakes, monsoon, financial institutions, morality, marriages, confidence and more.

When a child builds his sandcastles, he does not preserve it like an adult do after a piece of art.
He crashes it and rebuilds something his imagination tells him to go.
He is in the moment. He enjoys you, right where you are, beside him. A child is absolutely resilient. Sometimes.

Yet we know that their immunity may not be, and as parents we are concerned how we can protect them.
More important than getting the right fit of mask or an air purifier is the manner we conduct ourselves in the house.

They see and they learn. They inhale pollution with their lungs, but they inhale courage with their hearts. It is impossible to prevent contact with pollution, yet all the way from Sumatra the slash-and-burn technique seemed to turn all of us to temporal environmental scientist with a determination to eradicate PM2.5. Indeed, various reports warned of their imminent danger.

When Oklahoma experienced their recent Tornado that left many homeless, I was thinking how I can disaster-proof my children. Singapore may not have natural disasters but none of us are sheltered from the storms of life. I took the opportunity to talk about homelessness and how people feel when they lose something very dear to them. It is a hard lesson but an important lesson nevertheless. It is time to teach them to rise above their circumstances. And the earlier we do that, the quicker they learn that hard knocks are part of life, yet not without hope.

Beyond what is true of PM2.5, there are other facts we want to consider. For reasons we can only speculate, farmers in Sumatra had chosen a way of deforestation that brought harm to themselves and also others. I taught my children to be mindful when conducting themselves; one men’s action bears consequence to the others.

This is probably the closest to a state of emergency we are at. I have never seen so many products go out of stock in a few days. We relied heavily on what we can find out; best prices and best models here and overseas for the ever illusive N95 masks and air purifiers. Social media is most unforgiving; one minute everyone is clamouring for N95 masks and the next, news have it that there are no N95 masks certified fit for a child. The level of PSI correlated closely with ASI – Anxiety Standard Index, per household. Just when everyone is busy fighting fire, we see good Samaritans emerging from every corner. That, I think is the sweetest sight in any calamity.

Our response determines everything.

If we choose faith over fear, we set the backdrop for courage. If we choose panic over precaution, we are teaching foolishness. I asked myself,  “Where is my anchor, when the storm comes?”

Aside from things we can do, there are a thousand things we cannot change.

Should we shut all the windows, rush for an air purifier, or arm ourselves with N95 mask or not? For the sake of the vulnerable ones and those with medical conditions, we do. We make informed decisions, we also make faith-based choices. Inside the house, nothing is changed except for extra fans blowing. Let the laughter go on. Take out that boardgame and play together. When we are rested and calm, we convey peace, naturally.

Many of us are comforted by possessions. But sometimes, they are simply out of reach. Like many air purifiers that are currently out of stock. It is my hope, however, that those who are in need of it because of health reasons, gets attended to swiftly.

During my husband’s recent trip to Europe for his business trip, Central Europe was badly hit by immense flood. Fortunately, he was not in danger as he was in another area. Like it or not, the earth is experiencing the beginning of birth-pangs. Like it or not, what can be shaken, will be shaken. We want to stand on the one who is himself unshakeable.

Sometimes when things are not within our control, we can be assured that our heavenly Father is. When money can’t buy everything, we know, that having the steadfast love of our wonderful Christ is more than enough. Haven’t the foggiest idea? Take it from a child, he knows that we will always be there to protect him. Like our heavenly father always would, for us.

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