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A Father, A Husband, A Lover

June 25, 2013, 0 Comments

Yesterday, the hubs wanted to watch “The Man of Steel” – Superman. He cheekily asked me if we are watching Superman for Father’s Day not knowing I had in fact planned something else in advance. Since my own mum was in a good mood, I quickly asked that she babysit the boys so we could go out. The hubs told me that Superman was his first super hero in his life as a little boy. That day, we celebrated Father’s Day.

I prepared a little impromptu video of what the boys think, of their father. My eldest boy said he thinks Daddy is his superhero because he knows alot. That must been any father’s dream words from his children. Today I will reveal that little video and we prepared to surprise Daddy.

Far from being a dad, it is harder work being a wife’s best mate. Everyone says that it is much harder to understand women. Her “yes” are often “no” and her “no” are often “yes”. When a woman stays silent, it is when she is angry. When she says “Whatever”, it is when she is exasperated. It seemed like there is no one way to understand women and words often are the poorest indicator of what they want. I admit, I am both fearfully and wonderfully made.

My husband is a dedicated man, intelligent, dilligent, disciplined, superior memory, amazing capacity to learn and be his best at anything he puts his hands too, witty and funny (if given an audience) -  He is fiercely loyal to his beliefs, loves God, loves his word, my walking Bible and loving and caring towards me.

A decade ago, he specialized in wooing me with flowers. My mum tells me when we just got married, “Remember to buy her flowers. She needs it like air.” Today, I learnt to be contented to buy them myself.

He may not be the most romantic, expressive or musically-inclined, prose-reciting, sweet-talking man I know, but he is the shoulder I can lean on. He is the person I could cry freely at a Superman movie or cartoon show and accept me as I am. He is the partner chef I can rely on when I cook in the kitchen. He is a man of courage, who is not afraid to speak up in the face of justice and I know in him I can find protection, comfort and love. He is the man who is willing to wake up at 4am and share his insights to a certain situation in life, just because I need to talk.

We are both compulsive planners whenever it comes to holiday. Given 2 days or 2 weeks, we would endeavour to comb the whole earth. Our trip to Seoul without the kids, just few years ago was both insanely exhausting and wonderful. We had fun as a couple.

Has anyone noticed that there no special day set aside for appreciating our spouses? Yet it is usually first and foremost good spouses that maketh good parents.

David is a good husband, a good father and on his way to be a good lover. :)

We used to go to bed at separate times, but now, we cuddle once before bedtime and once when we wake up. I appreciate him for that.

This year’s Mother’s day he got me a journal. On its cover page were the words “We are not here to wait for the storm to pass, but to learn to dance in the rain”.

Young kids in a marriage and work pressure mounting, everywhere parents are screaming for a place and space to rest and relax, and for goodness sake not worry about the kids for one minute!  We are by no means living the perfect life.  We too are work in progress; we too worry about kids. We talk, we fight and make up, and now, we are learning to laugh every day. 

This year I celebrated Hubby’s Day by surprising him with tickets to watch a dance musical. And to answer his question he asked me on Mother’s Day, “Yes, honey I will dance with you.”

And now, for something that the boys wanted to say to Daddy.

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