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May 20, 2013, 0 Comments

Yesterday was such a milestone for the boys. It was the first time they worked hard at something and got a medal!

We were so thankful to be invited to participate in this fun and healthy family event at Cold Storage Kids Run 2013. To be honest, I don’t even run. The furthest distance I did was 2.4km in my secondary school days and although I secured gold for physical fitness for four years then, I am still quite convinced I have fins.

The boys jogs once a week with the hubs, and then twice a week the hubs jogs either after the boys go to bed or before we are all up for the day. I thought it may be a good idea to let them participate in an event like that. It would keep the boys inspired and most importantly for the family to bond and for the boys to grow up doing something they enjoy doing together.

Afterall, as a mother of two boys, I have always thought that the boundless energy in boys could be better put into outdoor play, sports and work (service) around the house, which explains why they are roped in to cook and clean too haha … but that is another story.

Everyone is so psyched up for this event since we signed up. We tried doing a 800m dash near our place twice and I swear I wasn’t going to run on that day.

They were up promptly at 6.30am without any cajoling.

The Padang was filled with so much festivity, and the boys wanted balloons just so they can release them into the air. Gotto love their child-likeness!

Waiting can be the hardest thing when they are so excited. While big brother kept his cool, little brother was less obliging in the sweltering heat.

I love how Cold Storage made an effort to bring in familiar mascots like Bob the Builder to liven up the day. The cheerleaders along the journey were most enthusiastic. I must take my hats off to them for being so hyped and spirited under the hot sun!

Did I say I ran? Well, I wasn’t planning too. But since I was sat together with them at the holding area, I figured I might as well go along. Wrong move! I was literally panting in the 800m dash, desperately trying to catch up with the boys! That explains why there are no photos of them running!

I arrived at the finishing line just in time to catch their victory hi-fives! We’re so proud that my eldest son kept a steady beat, running all the way without stopping. Little brother did so well too keeping up his pace while asking to be carried at the last 50metres or so, but under Daddy’s constant encouragement, he finally made it to the finishing line! Yay! After that we walked around abit and took photos with various mascots.

We are not sports fanatics, but after this run, I am inspired to join the OCBC Women’s cycle next year! Okay, I do have some legs. ha ha! Big brother was beaming from ear to ear and held up his medal proudly. He was ready to come back next year, for the 7-8 year old independent run category. I thought it was really cool for Cold Storage to let all the little participants have a medal each. What an encouraging way to keep them running!

This year, Cold Storage embarked on the “Pledge-A-Shoe” project to raise funds and help children protect their feet by providing them with new shoes.

A total of S$6,000 was raised from the public while 1000 pairs of shoes amounting to a total of S$11,000 was raised for this year’s initiative. Funds are donated to Caring for Cambodia Fund Singapore, a locally registered charity partnering with Cold Storage kids Run 2013.


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