The baby of the family is going to be a kor kor soon

January 22, 2013, 2 Comments

The boys were treated with a pleasant surprise recently.

Looking at the ultra sound, my gynae explained away the works of pregnancy sac and pointed out what the flashes of light signified. “See there, that is the palpitations of a baby’s heart.”

My oldest boy could hardly conceal his delight. He asked my husband, whispering as though afraid this would merely be a dream. “Daddy, is the baby real?”

He was in all chatter that day. I absolutely adored his questions. He told me “Mummy, this is great job! Oh actually God is the creator right ? he put the baby all wrapped up in your womb.”

“Mummy, don’t walk in the sunlight, the baby will get too hot!”

“Mummy , don’t eat Ice kacang, baby will be too cold, better eat tau Sian so baby can be warmed.”

“Mummy, what shall we name the baby?”

“How does baby eat?”, “How does God put the baby in your tummy?”, “Can the baby hear me?”

“when the baby is born , we should invite many people to our house to see baby right?”

My younger boy chipped in, “Mummy will I still be Elias when baby is born?”

I asked my older boy if he remembered being kor kor for the first time and he fondly recalled an incident when he was just 2 years old. He said he was putting on a bib for little brother and little brother kept kissing him. How precious those memories were. It was a good thing too I had that captured on video.

My second born darling whom we’ve unconsciously treated like a baby for too long is soon going to be “kor kor” come this Aug/Sept. He’s going to have to grow into that role quickly. Unlike any first born, they only have to play one role, the big sister or brother. The middle child typically has to straddle with both simultaneously. I always wonder how a middle child manage?

I know that for as long as my second son was born, he was one cute & chubby baby who kept his babyish smell & the only one with baby fat all the way till 4 yrs old. While we do not advocate co-sleeping with kids, my second son certainly came and broke all the rules. He would wake dutifully every night & creep into my bed, nestle his head near mine & fling his chubby arms around my neck. If I am awaken by his rough tumble, I would always find my way to the fold of his neck, and sneak a kiss on him.   He would sleep on for 15 mins or half an hour, then slip back into his bed. That was the compromise we eventually worked out and there was no fuss either ways.

In fact, I think the ‘baby’ of the family always end up breaking rules.  Would we be able to let go and let him grow up? My little cheeky, playful, creative, agile & affectionate little boy was going to be “kor kor” for the first time. I was actually excited for him. At 4 years old, I think he is going to experience this awesome milestone alot more. But unlike our first born with all the experience of being an older sibling, we’re going to have to prepare him. I hope it works out well. I have no idea how to parent a middle child, so if you are one or have any experience parenting a middle child or preparing a middle child to be an older sibling, please do share!

Right now I just can’t wait to get over this pregnancy blues to cuddle another bundle in my arms. Oh, how I miss smelling babies! I could have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner all day every day! :) And yes, being paid $8K (one time) for that too.

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    Congrats!! Such great news!

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