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Character First!

December 7, 2012, 9 Comments

Today is Oak Tree Baby’s FIRST birthday!!  So to celebrate this happy occasion, we are launching our FIRST batch of award winning character building books. We will also giving away 2 awesome books written by an amazing lady, Emily Lim.  I first met Emily at a talk a couple of months ago. My son, aged 5,  after listening to her stories fell in love with her books and begged me to buy them for him. I had a chat with her and found out more about her passion for writing and kids.

Emily Lim is the award winning author of five picture books – Prince Bear & Pauper bear, The Tale of Rusty Horse, Just Teddy, Bunny Finds the Right Stuff and Baby Panda Finds His Way. The inspiration for Emily’s first four books is drawn from her experiences of coping with Spasmodic Dysphonia, a rare voice disorder. Through her struggles in the midst of a very successful career, she found hope and courage to triumph over seemingly hopeless set backs.

The toy characters in her book give voice to her journey of searching for her voice, seeking after God and discovering that she is “fearfully and wonderfully made”

Beautifully illustrated, her stories are warms the heart with simple messages. It is a perfect read-aloud for children, tackling issues such as peer pressure, love, friendship, and finding confidence in the right place.

Interview with Emily Lee, Author

Oak Tree Baby (Sharon): Share with us how you started writing storybooks for children and for age group?

Emily: I wrote my first manuscript when I took part in a children’s book publishing initiative organised by the Book Council in 2007 and won. I discovered my love for children’s picture books then and have since written 17 books in this genre.

Oak Tree Baby (Sharon): How do you decide what stories are suitable for them?

Emily: I spent a lot of time in the bookstores and library flipping through hundreds of picture books. I wanted to write something meaningful which could hopefully inspire and impact readers positively. So, my stories usually revolve around themes of friendship, acceptance and finding oneself, all relevant to what children face.

Oak Tree Baby (Sharon): As a mum yourself, share with us what are some of the most important character a child should cultivate?

Emily: I would like Caleb to grow up socially well-adjusted, emotionally resilient and well-rooted in his faith in God. With these, he will be equipped to take on life’s challenges.

Oak Tree Baby (Sharon): Your book “Just teddy” talks about peer pressure. Do you think children these days face more peer pressure? If so, why and how can we as parents negate that?

Emily: I think so and I believe a lot of this has to do with how social media and internet access has changed their way of interacting. I don’t think we can block them from it but we definitely need to be much more watchful of their use of technology and guide them on its dangers and pitfalls.

Oak Tree Baby (Sharon): All your books have won awards. Tell us about this experience? What are the judges looking for in the different awards/categories?

Emily: It’s been a huge blessing to receive all these awards as I did not expect them. But they have encouraged and spurred me further in my writing.

In all cases, the judges were looking for well-written stories and quality publishing standards which combined to provide an enjoyable reading experience along with strong universal appeal.

Thank you Emily for sharing your life and being a beacon of light to so many children!

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear (Also available in the interactive version)
-Recipient, First Time Writers Publishing Initiative 2007                                              
-IPPY Bronze Medal 2008
The Tale of Rusty Hors
-Moonbeam Gold Medal 2009

Just Teddy
-IPPY Bronze Medal 2009
-ISLN Red Dot Awards Shortlist 2010
Bunny Finds The Right Stuff
-IPPY Silver Medal 2010
-Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award Shortlist 2011
-Honorary Mention Award,20th Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2012
Find out how you can purchase her books. Get it this Christmas at 10% off.
You can also find free downloads on iphone, ipad and android of her latest interactive version for the books ; A Very Big Storm and Little Otter Goes Fishing at Childrens Storybook Series .
To enter for the draw, simply
1) LIKE Oak Tree Baby
2) Leave a comment and let us know which book you would like to win.  2 readers will each receive either “Just Teddy” or  “Prince Bear & Pauper Bear”.
Closing Date 14 Dec, Friday, 12 midnight.

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  1. Mummybean says:

    I would love Just Teddy for my kids! ~ Veraday

  2. Ooy Mei says:

    Happy 1st Birthday. I would like to have “Prince Bear & Pauper Bear”. Thanks.

  3. Carolyn says:

    My kids would be delighted to read Prince Bear & Pauper Bear. Thank you. ;p

  4. Winnie Lam says:

    I would like both! If I have to choose one, I would pick “Prince Bear & Pauper Bear”.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Happy birthday! Would love a copy of “Just Teddy”. Thanks!

  6. admin says:

    Hey guys, thanks!!! I hope everyone wins something, nevertheless stay tune for results next week. :) Have a great week ahead. ~Sharon

  7. Yvonne says:

    I would love ‘Prince Bear & Pauper Bear’. Thanks.

  8. Dee says:

    I would like Prince bear & Pauper bear :)

  9. admin says:

    Congrats to Ooy Mei and Jocelyn Yan for winning the book of your choice! Thanks everyone for participating and joining in the fun.

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