Champions in the making

October 17, 2012, 0 Comments

Our family is into planning for the following year. Next year both my boys would be 4 and 6 and we are probably in the season of needing another child in the family.

For me year end is traditionally a time for gathering thoughts and making new resolutions. My husband and I sat through and brainstormed a list of what we loved our family to represent?

It reminded me of what I came across some time ago, the vinyl sticker on the wall of a home says this “In this house, we do real, we make mistakes, we say sorry, we share laughter, we give hugs, we believe in God, we help those in need, we forgive, we chase dreams, above all else, we love.” Sounds pretty good I think. I just don’t know how long I would stick that on my wall, because I think I want more!

I wanted to add that we wanted a family who is gentle and meek yet one that is strong and courageous enough not to bow down to challenges. I think strength is something quite hard to define in simple terms.

But I do think that strength comes from having tried, not just from having known what works. It is unrealistic to be strong if we do not want to know pain. How can we be made strong if we have never tasted difficulties? True champions are made, not born.

As a family , I remembered the days when both my boys were still very young. There would be times when one would fall sick and the baby brother would catch on. When two little kids are demanding equal attention, fatigue is real. I also remembered when our youngest son was still a walking pretoddler and had false measles. Poor boy would not walk at all even when we are at home. He was feeling poorly and not feeding well, and due to that his weight fell drastically. He demanded to be carried constantly and I had no time even to go to the bathroom. During that period, the hubs was out of the country for business trip and we had to keep reminding each other that “this will soon pass!”.

Earlier this year, when our domestic helper went back for good. I took up the challenge of caring for both my boys, juggling time to home educate them in addition to learning to overcome a dislike of being in the kitchen to cook. 8 months later, I eventually learnt to cook and bake. This of course came with much struggle, trying to balance my time and energy for both the household and the boys. It was then I made a decision to prioritise my family and let my newly minted online business take a back seat.

Friendship with spouses rarely blossom and grow just because they live under the same roof. My husband and I are two individuals with varied interest and varied viewpoints especially when it comes to politics and shopping! I believe in giving, and he believes in saving. It would seemed to him I never save and to me, he never gave. We were as different as night and day. We fought, we made up and we still went out on dates.

By and by, we learnt to unearth issues that were shrounded in mystery (issues that we don’t talk about) and work out how to resolve things so that the same issue will not repeat itself. Our family enjoy playing together alot and I appreciate that my husband made that commitment to be with us as much as possible.

We have recently got back from a two week vacation around Melbourne. It was the first time our family has been on a long holiday and on a plane for more than 3 hours away. Both boys did really well on the plane occupying themselves with toys, food and sleep! My youngest son had a nasty fall on the first day of arrival into the country and was bleeding from above his lips and nose. However the rest of the trip was a heady mix of adventure and dreams that came true. Not everything went as planned, and as in life, it is the same.  We can choose to focus on the good or the bad and let that one incident ruin everything.

This morning, I discovered this poem in my husband’s folder when I was retrieving another document. It reminded me how much he treasured our love when I had long forgotten what I wrote on our 3rd Anniversary.

“May we always boogie
Only never to be told that we’re old
May our friendship blossom and grow
& together with God we shall behold
A marriage is made in heaven
A special love shared by us both
May today not be just another day of love
But of rededication and affirmation
Of the commitment that we have sworn
“I love you” is not too difficult to be told.
Next time there will be three, or four or five of us in all
Thank you honey, big hugs and kisses for all that you are
And also for our little one that is to be born
Little Theo , he would be the witness of this all
Happy 3rd Anniversary my hunny bunny
Me-soon-mommy, you-soon-poppy!”

 We are not never strong when alone, so it takes another one to help the other out.

I guess that too will go into our family motto. We do helps. We do care.

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