Why Playing helps in Parenting

June 25, 2012, 1 Comment

The first time I saw this video was at Prune and Nurture.

I like what the author of the blog said about play “So often we belittle a child’s playtime and think that it is a waste of time. Do you know that play is very important to a child’s development and even to our family well-being?”

Specially as Asians parents, we almost always look for a reason to do something and play does feels like a waste of time because we can’t actually measure or quantify the benefits immediately.

Our kids loved for us to stay home… to play!  Our boys spend hours and hours playing. We don’t need to have that many toys, their imaginations can take them where their toys can’t. Children bond through play. When we play with them, we are are in fact building relationships. I find having strong relationship with our kids help in the way they respond to us. It also help us understand them and help them to navigate life. For instance, my older son, then aged 4 used to walk away in a huff when he lost a round of board game. We took the opportunity to teach him that winning is not everything.  Now, when he loses. He simply shrugs and say “Its ok! Playing together is more important!”

When we play together with our 3 year old and he falls, I tell him, “Wow, you are able to get up yourself, how brave you are!” Playing helps kids to be unafraid to fail.

Playing together creates a special bond that no other can substitute. When a parent play with their kids, they are saying ” I am letting you into my world, so I can be vulnerable to you and you can be safe with me”.  That speaks volume and puts a seal in that relationship that helps cushion conflicts in the long term. We can’t discipline effectively if we don’t prioritise relationships. Like they say, “People don’t care what you know, they only know if you care”. Trust me, the little ones know!

These are some of the ways we play together!



















This is an awesome video that tells you more about play. To parent well, play!


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    The title “Knowing me knowing you” caught my attention. Thanks to the film Mamma Mia, I remember watching the original Abba videos for some of their tracks. Too bad the context of the original song was about something not too nice to discuss about.

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