Birds and Bees and Babies and Me!

February 16, 2012, 0 Comments

Two years ago, my eldest son who was 3 yrs old picked up a brochure that fell out of our wastepaper basket in our bedroom. It showed a picture of half-clothed women. In fact, only 1 piece of scanty garment was on her. Quickly, he said, “Why so shameful?” . What he meant was why was the lady “not shy” to wear so little. It was a flyer about slimming that found its way to our home.

How often does Asian parents talk about S.E.X to their little ones? Hardly. We tend to brush the subject away thinking they are way too young to know too much. But kids today are very observant, very smart, very curious and are very persistent with their questions!

Recently, my eldest son who is 5 asked me, “Mummy, when you are pregnant, does the baby come out together with the poo-poo?” hmmm… he is really thinking huh?

How about this “ Mummy, to have a baby, is it like when a boyfriend and girlfriend is together they will get babies?”

My younger son who just turned 3, asked me, “Mummy why don’t you have a penis like me?” And one time in the public toilet, he very loudly asked me from the next cubicle “Mummy are you sitting down or standing up to pee?”

Ok, I rest my case. It is about time. Today, if we don’t teach our kids about purity or sex, the media will and trust me, it is NOT glamorous.

Julie Hiramine, Founder of Generations Of Virtue, Internationally Noted Speaker and Author from Colorado Springs, U.S will be here on 22 Feb 2012, Wed, 7.30pm to talk about how we can set the Paradigm of Purity for our little ones. The Talk is FREE (free will offering). It offers practical insights and information on how we can talk with our kids age-appropriately, about virtue, character, purity, future relationships, Godly sexuality, media discernment and more.

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