Nurturing Tots FAQ

Nurturing Tots – FAQ

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Q: What is playpen time?

A: Playpen time is a designated time in a day that we let our baby play in his playpen for not more than 30mins each time. Put two or three interesting toy and change it every two to three days. Playpen time trains attentiveness, problem-solving and independent play. Start by training the baby with 3mins and gradually moving on to longer time to play. We should not abuse the playpen by leaving our baby unattended for unlimited amount of time.

Q:When can we put the baby in playpen?

A: As soon as the baby is able to sit by himself, about 6-months-old

Q:What is signing?

A: Signing helps a child communicate his idea before he is developmentally able to verbalise. It also cuts down whining, (a habit that can last through to the toddler years and can be used negatively if not directed). We can help a child sign “more” when he wants to eat more. It helps the child to feel a sense of achievement when he is able to communicate an idea. Try to teach a child to be polite as well. Teach a child to say “Please”. A child can say “Plea” (for ‘please’) or signs “please” before he can say “Please”. My 17-month-old is required to say “please” when he wants something, instead of whining and pointing.

Q: Will the child over rely on sign language even when she can speak?

A: No it will not. When we teach signing, we also uses words to tell the child what it means. Communication to a child is important, talk to the child from birth. Speak even when we sign. When the child is developmentally ready to speak, they will drop their sign language naturally. Its fun, try it!

Q: My 9-month old baby screams out of the blue, is it ok?

A: You need to discover if the baby is at a stage where he is discovering his own voice or is he acting out of wilful disobedience. Is he reacting to a certain situation all the time?

Q: Is whining bad?

A: Whining can be a way they try to get our attention. Teach the baby to call out to “mama” or “Papa” instead of using a whine. It can be very cute at first, but when whining becomes a bad habit for wanting things to be done, or a tantrum it can become annoying. So teach the child not to whine as soon as you can. Signing, or simple words are some of the ways.

Q: My baby spits food out during meal times, is it bad?

A: Again, we need to discover if the baby is developing a new taste bud or is he acting out of defiance.

Defiance is when the baby choose to pick a battle through meal times, in that case, he gets disciplined. But if it is a stage of taste, experiment with other food. i.e: Babies at some stage will drop cereal, they are developmentally ready for more challenging solid food, so we move them along. Try to keep meal times happy

Q: How about fussy eaters?

A: Train fussy eaters to sample a little of the food they dislike each time. Research shows that children needs at least seven times of exposure to grow to like a certain food.

Q:My baby needs to hold a toy during meal time, it is not a good habit right?

A: It is not a good habit, it distracts, and baby becomes unable to eat until he holds a toy. Train the baby not to have a toy during snack time and gradually move into one meal a day and then two and three meals a day without a toy. Talk to the baby instead, sing a little song, rhymes etc.

Q: I need to sing lullaby for my baby before she sleeps, is it ok?

A: You need to ask yourself if you are happy to do that for the next few years. Parent long-term. If you like to drop the habit, go light on the lullaby, sing a little and gradually drop it off altogether. Tell the baby she needs to sleep. Obedience starts in the day, train her in other situations to obey.

Q: My 9-month-old baby can’t keep still when wearing a diaper, is it ok for me to smack him?

A: Keeping still is a self-control issue. Train our babies by our instructions. Say “Sit still”, or “Wait, we’re wearing your diaper”, then hold the baby still (don’t let baby crawl away). Put on the diaper and then pick your baby you and praise him “Good boy/girl, you’re able to stay still!”. Keep instructions simple and short. You may give a light smack on the bum if baby is not giving the attention required, and that is all its needed. A baby should receive lots of love and hugs throughout the day.


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