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Peer Pressure or Purpose Driven

December 22, 2011, 0 Comments

Yesterday, my son came home from preschool and tells me he wants to put an extra set of clothes in his bag for change when he finishes school. Curious, I asked him why. He mentioned that there are many people who change into their own clothes after school so he wants to do the same.

It reminds me of a very common reason most parents use when trying to motivate a child to do something. A statement as innocent as “Sam, drink your water, look all your friends are drinking” is a statement that teaches our kids to model other kids. Technically, there is nothing wrong with learning from those who are doing right, but the motivations lacks a purpose.

It is always easier to follow a behaviour, but many of us lack the initiative to question a motive.
I find that it takes practise in whichever circumstance to be able to dive straight into the heart of matters. We could say, “Sam, drink your water, the weather is too hot for us”, or “Sam, drink your water, you are thirsty.” Sometimes young kids do have too much fun at play.

Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe. Peer Pressure stems from the root of fear and the desire to ‘fit in’, do the same thing, try not to be too different or be nice and not offend. The dictionary would define a ‘snare’ as a trap; Something that serves to entangle the unwary.

Be wise, therefore, we can be loving and kind without having to do everything the world is doing.
Begin by asking ourselves when we parent, “Whose footsteps are we having our kids follow?” “Why are we getting the child to do what he is doing?”

Could we be caving in to peer pressure ourselves?

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