Discipleship: I Saw Pa Pa Do It!

August 8, 2011, 0 Comments

The boys were cycling to the pool one day when half way through the journey, one of the pedal fell out from KB’s bike. So I called for all to stop, got down on all fours and tried to look like the brave and know-it-all handy women. I was probably trying to twist that ‘thing’ in for about 15 mins and all that time, KB was trying to look out for his younger brother.

Finally, not withstanding the blaze of sun on my face, actually I think it was a case of finally admitting that I can’t that I had to tell the boys to let’s go on and get someone else to do it for us.

At the pool, I contemplated asking the lifeguard, but was too impatient to get into the water with the boys. After our swim, I left to get change. Only to see KB, picking up the pedal and screwed the pedal in… effortlessly! I was .. overjoyed! I went ” You know how to do it? You’re SO smart , How do you know it?”

KB said to me “I saw pa pa do it, so I know it.” Bingo! That’s why I didn’t. *grin* Discipleship in the making :)

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