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Purpose Driven Housewife

January 11, 2011, 0 Comments

I wanted to give a quickie update on things recently. Our family’s been on a holiday for 15 days and things are great with the kids, none of them had any major illness – God’s mercy most certainly especially for my eldest son. I had encountered so many events though that left me ponderous and in my busy sorting and reflection of thoughts had taken too many days to pen them down. There were more urgent things.

One immediate thing which I thougAdd an Imageht was important to share, at the beginning of the year, traditionally. Visions, dreams, goal-setting etc.

I received my new desk planner (an old fashion pen and paper calendar-cum-planner). I rely on this to plan and set regular goals.

A friend I met during my holiday asked me if I feel frustrated, or stressed out being a mum who quit my corporate work. An aged-old question , I thought. It is however, still very relevant to many young women today, especially in our society where young men and women are coaxed to study hard to get good jobs, get married and continue to get better jobs.

My friend asked me if my sudden lost of income and status left me feeling high and dry. I had to laugh because almost immediately, I felt financial freedom. I really don’t have to check my account when I spend. My husband lets me spend on whatever I want. Does that make me sound like a mercenary and irresponsible? :) Well, my husband understands that while I am not a chronic splurger (I’m reformed), I do like things that look good, I also like good books, and good friends. Things that are not necessarily cheap, but priceless.

And while things that look good catches my eye, say above $50, they would usually come in a form of gift from hubby of course. Kudos to my husband who is learning to speak my language of love. :) Both of us take a consultative approach how money is spent regardless of who brings home the bacon.

I’ve answered my friend simply, that when people feel a loss of status when they were not earning, it is only that they had became too attached to the things of the world.

To be honest, when I first become a housewife. Yep, “Housewife”, I did not really liked that word. It does have a negative connotation of a women who does nothing but sweep the floor and cook. I have come to realise that it is only in the mind of contrived that we attached such derogatory impression to a role. And by being a “housewife” for few years, I have finally found a significance that were beyond money and status.

My plans for this week were a plenty. I put in my journal.
1) Less time on FB – will only FB if it encourages someone.
2) Start a mom’s prayer group with whoever wants to pray together.

Other immediate goals for the week reads
1) Organise getaway for family
2) Plan for biz
3) Revamp roaster for both boys
4) Finish 2 books & review them online
5) Dec holiday post
6) Dec holiday family photos
7) KB’s birthday venue
8) Preparation for KB’s delight-learning
9) potty training Elias & re-train obedience
10) need to get an oven (to learn to bake), rice cooker (spoilt) and CD-player (spoilt)
11) visit some friends
12) Call up a mom who wants to discuss homeschool
Yesterday night around 11pm, I was nursing KB’s fever in the night. In between rushing out an article for Straits Times Forum, I was sponging KB. Hubby helped to look through my article and made suggestions. Then I realised I overshot by 200 words, and spent another half hour trying to cut away the precious words. ;(

Then I went to the kitchen to check the kid’s soiled laundry and found that my helper dumped everything in the washer without setting aside stained clothes. I went through them one by one and stuck a written note for her to take note in future.

I do spot-checks from time to time, the sinks, the clothes, the drawers, the refrigerator, the food etc.

Why do people get bored over “mundane” activities like these? Am I doing chores that are mindless and perhaps do not utilise the qualifications I so earned in my university days? I beg to differ, God has given my more gifts and talents then any renowned university or corporation could attest. And that is why perhaps, when I check my kid’s laundry, I know I am serving them as a mother. I know that when I check the sinks and drawers and refrigerator and food stock, I know I am serving my family. I am making this household a more comfortable place for all. I am making sure that food does not run dry. I am serving my family in the way my Lord and God has called me.

Today, Elias started to have runny nose. I was up and about searching for the better medication, checking the dosage, reading its ingredients. I was learning. I do admit sometimes, I felt I could have studied medicine if I knew I was going to be SO hands-on in caring for sick kids! I spoke with the pharmacist, my PD and learned more about the drug. “Hello, housewives… is there any dull moment?”

Then I read to the boys, played with them, cleaned them up and fried veges for lunch. Yep, I do cook!! hahah… I fry veges twice a day, lunch and dinner. My boys and husband love my crisp, crunchy leafys. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Let me divulge a secret “All husbands enjoy meals prepared by their wives.” hahah…mindless chores? Do you know that various veges take various degree of heat, method and speed to fry? Anyone can can learn how to cook, but it is the heart of knowing what it takes to serve that I didn’t learn in schools or at work.

While watching over my feverish KB finish up his lunch, I hung the clothes. I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to ‘upgrade’ my helper’s standard, so I showed her how. Every piece of clothing has to be neatly spaced, so that it can be dry properly. Same item to be hung on each bamboo for tidiness. Gauging how much clothes to wash and looking out for stains are important aspects. I mentor my helper so she can do excellently in her serve in my family.

I got an email that our holiday is being put on request.
One last look at KB’s skin, he is doing much better already. Today , no need for steroid cream. I rubbed some oil on both my boys’ back and sent them to nap. Not much discipline issue today, just a recurrent one that I took a mental note on for further proactive teaching. It would come in form of our devotion time and reading time.

I picked up my book and scanned through it quickly before heading off to a time of conversation with God.

And a quickie update on this blog …. in my day as a purpose-driven housewife! You could beautify the kitchen, sort the your children’s clothes, wash their buttocks, cleaning up vomit, polishing your husband’s shoes, shopping for the household, cooking, reading/playing with your children … the list goes on… Think about it. If we don’t do all these, who will?

Purpose-driven women are never attached to the value the world gives, because the one we are ultimately serving gave us much more.

When we have a purpose, there is the place of honour. One day in the house of God is better than a thousand days elsewhere.

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