Teachable Moment : What Last Forever

November 23, 2010, 0 Comments

We had 2 helium balloons at home given by friends who
visited Elias when he was hospitalised recently. I was surprised balloons brought so much cheer to the little ones, even I was cheered up.

Few days later, the balloons seemed to have lost its brilliance.
They were sitting lower and seems softer.

KB asked “Mummy, why is the balloon like that?”

Mummy: “The gas escaped from the balloon because there are tiny holes on the skin of the balloon. So there will be a time, when the balloon becomes all soft and we can’t play it anymore ok.”

KB: “Then I’ll be very sad mummy, that I can’t play anymore.”

Mummy :”I see, its ok to be sad, but not too long yah. You know nothing last forever. This balloon, toys, they will be gone one day. Only God’s love is forever.”

Mummy: ” What last forever?”

KB: “God’s love”

Our teachable moment today.

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