Why So Shameful!

November 2, 2010, 0 Comments

Our 3-yr-old picked up a brochure that fell out of our wastepaper basket in our bedroom. It showed a picture of a not well-clothed women. In fact, only 1 piece of scanty garment was on her.

Quickly, he said, “Why so shameful?” to which I recognized and seized the teaching moment. Fast as I might finish brushing the rest of my teeth and came to him to answer his question.

I said, “Yes, this is indeed ‘shameful’, lets throw this away. God don’t want us to look at ‘shameful’ things. God made our eyes to look at beautiful and holy things. Shameful things are not holy things. ” And KB asked ‘So what is this mummy?” Mummy said “This is a brochure advertising about slimming. They use shameful things. In the world, people use shameful things, it is wrong for us to see it, so if you see next time, throw away ok?” KB “Ok”

Our first few lessons on purity. More to come I am sure.

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