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October 23, 2010, 0 Comments

For the first time, I had to admit that I am old!

Oh man! I hardly use that term in any situation, yet in comparison to the little ones, the contrast is quite stark.

The scenario was that my boys would wake up so bright in the morning and bring to me loads of books begging me to read (aloud) to them.

I consider myself to be a reflector and needed plenty of slots each day to sit by myself to sort through certain things or spend time in the lord, or just rest. And being extroverted first thing in the morning is really just not the kind of thing I would do! Yakking alot or merely reading aloud takes a toll on me.

Reading aloud is an essential activity we do daily at home with my two boys. It was a time I loved and treasured greatly. It was a time, they would not struggle when I hug them close as I read or place them on my lap. It was truly a time that is akin to the “filling in of their love tank” and a time of bonding which sets the tone for the rest of the activities at home. They are more likely to obey, more likely to be filled with enthusiasm as we go about our chores, they are also more likely to play on their own. If we happen to not do anything for the day, we will still read. It is the essential building block for our family. Even my agile, always-on-the-move boys of the two sons would stay still as he snuggles up to me when I read to him.

So I had to admit to my 3-yr-old one morning. “You know son, I really think your enthusiasm and energy and sunshine spirit is great… but mummy is…er old and I cannot be reading so many books when I just woke up. I need to rest first. (whatever logic there is for resting when one is to have supposedly rested after a whole night sleep, I can’t really give a reason for the way I am made!) Can we read the books er… after breakfast at our usual reading times?”
So son asked “Why old?”

mummy said “Old means moving slower, not so fast.” Er… I kinda ran out of description!

I learnt that admitting our weakness feels good! For starters, others would understand that I am a fallible, mortal who stumbles clumsily and trips. And it sets us free from unrealistic expectation that others have on us. It keeps us human, and it keeps us humble.

I take 3 periods of rest each day. Once when I wake up (15mins), once in the afternoon (2hours) and once in the evening before bedtime (3hours). How about you?

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