Shopping for a new born

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These days, we don’t even have to leave our seats to go shopping. Buyers beware though, online shopping can be addictive! Will leave you with 2 great wisdom from the one who created our babies!

- Do not wear yourself out to get rich (or amass material goods); have the wisdom to show restraint. (Proverbs 23:4)
- But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt 6:33)
Happy browsing!

Shopping for baby

Where Description Sells new & used items. A delightful store that sells cute & quirky items for babies. Online mall for everything, good for comparing prices & products. There is an outlet at Tagore Lane. Stocks California Baby products, as well as Desitin Creamy baby barrier cream – very much cheaper than the ones sold in hospital pharmacies or Crème (at Scotts Shopping Centre) Gorgeous sheets and stuff for room but ex.
Baby ‘s Kingdom (Kaki Bukit) Note: There are TWO baby stores at Kaki Bukit to check out. The more famous one is Baby Hypermart. Baby’s Kingdom is the lesser known, newer one. They’re next to each other.Address: 83 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial Park.

Shopping for mother

Where Description
Sells affordable & fairly hip looking clothes & other mother items. Also very affordable & very elegant designs for bras, dresses etc., Very hip! Worth browsing! Another online site set up by an entrepreneurial mother. Stuff is elegant and simple! VERY WORTH it for good prices & hip, electic maternity wear. Sensible maternity clothes, well-priced and fairly hip. Overseas site, can ship to Spore. Nice stuff! Pretty dresses. Overseas site. A very good site for nursing tops & accessories! Affordable!
Far East Plaza Basement or the like You may find this weird, but I resorted to buying baby doll dresses and larger sizes at teeny-bopper stores, like The Hereen and Far East Plaza. They are more affordable and the clothes fit and looked hip!
Mum’s fairy Sells Breast Shields (for nipples that does not fit into standard size funnels – note that breast size changes during breastfeeding) and a super wonderful invention for mum’s on electric breastpump – check out its Handsfree accessory – A must-have for long term pumping. I can read a book with both hands, be on the phone, email, play with my toddler – thanks to the “handsfree”.

Forums and support groups

Where Description A lively forum to ask questions & search for tips with other Singapore parents! Hear about the latest sales in Singapore, read through what is best brand to buy for items, e.g., diapers, get contacts, swap stories… New Mother’s Support Group Singapore – they have a comprehensive list of resource links & hold regular gatherings. More of an online store, but it also has good links to resources on breastfeeding & other mother-related issues. This is the weblink for the Singapore site of the famous La Leche League International, a non-profit organisation that promotes breastfeeding. The site has a lot of good tips and instructions on how to breastfeed. A very popular American website, chock filled with info & resources to help preggies. If you sign up for them (it’s free!), they’ll send you a weekly newsletter with articles and FAQs tailored to fit your stage in pregnancy. Very helpful!


*This list was NOT compiled by me, but was circulated to me. I have added my comments from those I have purchased from.

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