Maid to Order

March 25, 2010, 0 Comments

We thought it was tough having a maid at home, then it became tough not too.

How does all this happened? one year ago, pregnant with no.2 while my eldest was only one-and-a-half, it became a neccessity and certainly not a want. I was resistant to a unfamiliar face so close 24-hour everyday. I had one, but I was fully aware of the physical exhaustion of being a full-time parent of two very young children. Whatever fear I had, we took about two months of prayer, seeking and waiting upon the Lord. Finally, the lord spoke “Trust me”. And we were provided with a young Filipino maid in about a month.

A year and a half later, we were deliberating changes. Though a maid provided conveniences, tidied our house every single day, cleaned up every spot of art & craft mess created by my son and I nearly everyday, prepared my going out bag, changed the bedsheets every fortnightly, did the laundry every morning, hung the clothes out to dry and collected them in the afternoon to fold them, scrubbed every stain on my young kids clothes, cleaned up vomit on the bed, bedsheet, floor (Vomitting is a common sight when kids are down with cough or ate too much!), babysat while I overshot my time out with my other son, cooks, washes, cleans the hob and nob, maintain a rather clean kitchen, goes marketing etc etc, there were some things a maid just couldnt do.

I was most concerned with the way maids handle children. A certain incident tells me I have to either change my maid or do something about our present circumstance. After breastfeeding for a year and having settled into a routine of homeschooling my elder boy, I was rather free to look into sports and role as a wife and mother. I always tell my husband that I wasnt gifted to do physical chores and that is why God didnt give me muscles! Guess who had the muscles in my family??? :)

I had come to admire women who can cook ever since I met my confinement lady last year.
I had great respect for these unsung heros who single-handedly cook up a storm for their families. These days, women who can cook very well are as rare and as precious as diamonds.
I guess, I had secretly wished I could be like them. The Lord hears all thoughts and knows all things.

Today, my family is deliberating a never done before thing. We are deliberating if the Lord would have us have a specialist cook who would come in and help my family for a few hours a day, and maybe help a little in the housechores. Perhaps I could learn a skill or two from her. Perhaps, in time to come, I could also have the honour of being THE lady of my kitchenette. Perhaps, someday I would be awarded a designer apron that says “Best Cook ever!” …

Dreams and plans… only God knows and equips. *Back to earth!* What about the housechores? Marketing? The ever dreaded chore of changing bedsheets, ALL 3 bedsheets! And endless washing? Feeding 2 kids at the same time? OK muscle man, where are you???

Well, perhaps I could take all washing in the house and feeding. The muscle man/men can do the rest. And perhaps extended family could chip in on marketing? Perhaps, its time for my 3-yr-old to rise up! Afterall, he has learnt to keep his toys, set the table, put his clothes away, poo by himself, fry veg with mummy, and enjoys washing er… I mean which 3 yr old can resist water and bubbles?

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