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Potty Training

March 20, 2009, 0 Comments

Yipee!! Theo is officially potty trained!

I started having harrowing thoughts of potty training him when he turned two. Books that I read talks about potty training boys between 2yrs and 3yrs, mainly because most of them should be ready by then.

Many well-meaning friends tell me that since Theo speaks early (he was conversing when he was 20months old), I should potty train him since “pee pee” or “xu xu” was an easy word for him to say. But that is by no means what the term ‘readiness’ means. Some books advocate that if we observe a dry diaper for half the day, that means he is ready. I have never noticed that in Theo. Besides I have 2 next door neighbour who trained their sons (similiar age with Theo) much earlier and I get comments like how come Theo is still wearing diapers at home?

We get peer pressure to get our kids to perform and all sorts of advise to train our child. I didnt think it was how quickly a child should master it, rather how we can gauge his ‘readiness’ Fortunately, I did not cave in to peer pressure as well. I waited for Theo to turn two. Why harrowing thoughts? Well, for one, I am not the one who could do very little any sort of ‘physical’ training . I’m a petite mum with sons who need to be on the move ALL the time. I am an exclusively pumping mother and still breastfeeding my then 4 month old baby. I was most of the time either pumping or trying hard to spend time with Theo. The cleaning, washing and bringing him to and fro is fully physical. Potty training by any imagination was looking to be another exhausting activity for me.

I DO NOT advocate pull-up pants. I prefer letting Theo feel the wetness of his pants if he pee-pee on it, ha ha. What a cruel mummy I am! Pull-up pants just adds another burden of pulling the pants down and if the child pee in it accidentally, there will be no difference pee-ing in his diaper! I observe his ‘readiness’ by his ability to understand complex instructions and take heed of muscular control in most boys by around aged 2yrs old. So I say ‘Theo, when you need to pee-pee, you tell mummy ” I want to pee pee” ok? OK, say “pee pee in the potty” and he says ” pee pee in the potty” after me.

First few times of training were no surprise that he kept pee-ing in his pants and wet the floor as a result, so my helper had to keep mopping the floor and I had to keep cleaning Theo up. We had to keep encouraging him to drink lots of water by filling his water bottle up and bringing it to him. Sometimes it means he has to finish whatever was given first and not move anywhere in the house. That is what I meant by physically exhausting. we waited till the day when he could tell us,”pee-pee”! We brought him to to his potty and he pee-ed in the potty. Thunderous applauds rang through the whole house. That’s how it was for the few days we did it. I did not train him everyday, because I didnt think he would perform under that sort of intensity. Instead, I only trained on 2 or 3 days per week and only in the morning session. I stopped for the rest of the week and start again the following week. It was different days each week, depending on my schedule in the morning. When I have a fussy baby in the morning or if I woke up still tired, I will not train Theo. I trained at a leisurely pace and I trained in investing my time in prayer.

Sometimes in the afternoon, we were putting on diapers for him and Theo said “Potty training” and we had to reject him because I simply could not keep an eye on him. Either I had to pump or feed and Theo had to play or its reading time. This was an important observation we made, because to Theo, he was enthusiastic and he had sense of achievement in what he was being trained in. I learnt that in all things we are training our kids to do or be, the sense of enthusiasm should be in place. The sense of achievement should be in place. Learning, in short should be eventually be self-motivated and FUN.

This morning, Theo said to us again “Potty training”. This time we could not reject him. I had gotten the morning rhythm of my baby, so i had about 3 hours to spare for Theo. He exclaimed he was going to pee-pee and went to the potty himself, pulled his pants down and pee-ed in the potty. Thunderous applause rang through the whole house. It has been like that and will be like that as long as he pee in the potty. I am so happy that Theo is officially trained. Well, speed does not matter in all things and when it does, we know that he had to first had loads fun. He was trained in under a month.

Praise the Lord!

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