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First Time Parents

May 27, 2007, 0 Comments

What I discovered being  first time parents!

1. Creeping around in our own house like thieves when baby wouldn’t even stir with the loudest music!
2. Executing a big killing for every insect that exist in the house.
3. Double, triple washing and checking everything that belongs to the baby.
4. Waking & peeping at the baby every moment he makes a tiny sound.
1. Getting to witness the sleepy moon and the first ray of sun everyday!
2. Shower of blessings strikes any moment with diaper change.

1. Babies don’t cry for no reason, sometimes its ok to not know why.
2. Nothing is predictable, plan anyway. God can still make all things work out for the good
3. Every victory counts, so count them! i.e: changing diapers, swaddling, bathing baby etc
4. Methods & styles are not to be taken for the gospel truths.
5. For the sake of peace, just nod to all old wives tales, just don’t do it all!

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